Mirror Universe, the goateed frontier. The voyages of the starship Discovery are in for a few run ins with the people of this alternate reality. First shown back in the original series episode, Mirror Mirror, these plotlines tend to mix the classic body-swap and alternate history elements of many classic sci-fi pieces. Caused by a transporter malfunction, Kirk and company were sent to a universe where an empire rules. Their evil counterparts are also sent to the main universe and hijinks ensue in both Enterprises. How this will all play out in Star Trek: Discovery will be amazing to see.

star-trek-tng-mirror-broken-750x480Star Trek: Discovery‘s Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Alex Kurtzman, revealed to Comicbook.com that they were paying homage to the original show and “doing some episodes about the Mirror universe.” The change in aesthetics are always bewildering, such as Picard see above. I’m really hoping James Frain grows facial hair similar to Spock’s from TOS.

For more – Cole Hickey


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