‘The Gifted’ S1 Ep.2 ‘rX’ Recap/Review

When I saw the first episode for ‘The Gifted’ (eXposed), I didn’t think it was gonna start the way it did. Between the great directing, stellar action/effects, and just an unexpected entertaining pilot, ‘The Gifted’ has left me shocked for the better. Does ‘rX’ continue to go upward or falls flat on it’s face? Let’s find out…


The episode starts off with a flashback set about a year back, in which the family is bowling. The importance of the scene comes from what happens, as another person bowling in another lane is a mutant and her powers are clearly showing. This works really well by not only showing the family bond between the main family, but it also served in showing the audience the world in which these mutants live and the prejudice they face everyday, just as they do in the comics. From there the show focuses mainly on three points this week: helping Blink after she goes in a state of shock, How Lorna is dealing with life in prison, and the legal troubles in which Reed finds himself. I’ll be focusing more on what is happening to Blink as this is the main plot point of the episode.

The main conflict of the episode comes when Blink is severely weakened due to the events of the last episode. The conflict really helps us get a better feel of Eclipse and Kate. We learn, as they work together, that Kate is a nurse hence why she went with Eclipse to get medical supplies for Blink. These two worked really well together on screen, providing some great dialogue and entertaining moments. They succeed in their attempt of finding medical supplies, only to arrive to havoc in the hideout when Blink just starts spamming portals left and right. I have to say, the special effects of this show impress me. They are clearly not lowballing in terms of budget with this one. The episode had a certain fluidity to it as well, moving from point to point exceptionally well, with every scene serving with a  purpose to the story.


Another thing I love about what ‘The Gifted’ is doing is that it isn’t afraid to show it’s comic book roots. What I mean by this is that it isn’t afraid to get “freaky” on us, mentioning and showing things you would see in an X-Men comic book. References to “mutant twins”, The X-Men, and the Brotherhood only help the show in creating intrigue about it’s past and the whole word it’s trying to build (if it’s not connected, you know how shaky X-Men timelines can be these days).

This episode found the perfect balance in managing it’s plot. Everything that was shown got the right amount of time to it while further advancing the narrative of it all. The ending of the show is a really ambiguous one for various reasons. Not only does Reed decide to make a deal that would betray the mutant underground, introducing a new character and amplifying the scope of the show in terms of timeline, dating back to the 60’s is a big deal as well.

In the end, ‘rX’ was a really strong follow up to what was a phenomenal pilot. The special effects department continues to shine, the characters are really good and not dull at all, the plot lines are very intriguing, and the show is just really well made in general. I can’t wait to see the direction in which the show will go with the new developments in the end as well.

GRADE: 9/10

‘The Gifted’ airs Mondays on FOX at 9 ET

The Gifted is an American television series created for Fox by Matt Nix, based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men properties. The series stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as ordinary parents who take their family on the run after they discover their children’s mutant abilities.

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