Todd McFarlane has been talking Spawn since he reached a deal to write and direct the movie with Blumhouse productions. The film will be released twenty years+ after the original. This Spawn reboot will be a rated-R adventure. The film has been getting tons of press and production doesn’t even start until next year. There are many details about the film, but today’s news is some of the best so far!

Todd McFarlane recently spoke to at NYCC to discuss Spawn. We already know from a previous article that Spawn will be a low budget Superhero film. Now, McFarlane has also said he wants to turn this film into a Franchise. He wants to create spinoffs, and do things with it that didn’t happen 20 years ago. He wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Twitch in the Spawn film, hopefully we get to see that happen.

He’s said he has about a $10 million budget for the film, and expects about a $40 million opening weekend. He wants to go off of the success of ‘Get Out.’ Which is also a Blumhouse film. “It was the reason why I wanted to keep it small and tight,” said McFarlane. “You put out $3 million,” McFarlane said. “If they had netted 25, it would’ve been a success, instead of the 300 million they got. 25 on a $3 million bet, that’s not bad.”

He’s expecting the movie to have a budget that with the money he’s expecting to make from it, will allow him to make more films. He doesn’t want to recycle material though. He wants every piece of this film to be new and fresh. Every sequel, every spinoff, he wants to feel new:

“As I’ve told people, at the end of the first movie, there’s two directions you can go and without boring people I won’t go there, but there’s two directions you can go, and we’ll just decide which one we want to go to,” McFarlane said. “What I don’t want to do is do three or four of ’em and feel like I’m just making the same movie with a different idea, right? I like Beverley Hills Cop 1. Two is okay, but the third, I’m going, ‘I’ve seen this movie now.'”

We’re excited about Spawn. We hope you guys are too! Stay with us for updates and things as Todd McFarlane gets the ball rolling. Leave us comments, tweet us, let us know how you feel about Spawn!

There is currently no synopsis or release date for Spawn yet.


– Rascal F. Kennedy


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