Legends of Tomorrow S3Ep1 ‘Aruba-Con’ Recap/Review

Sara, Ray, Jax, Nate, Amaya, Professor Stein, Rip, and Mick are back! The gang’s all here following last seasons nail-biter of a season finale which saw Sara give up the Spear of Destiny even though it could’ve brought back her sister Laurel, Rip take his leave from the team, Mick say his *final* goodbye to Captain Cold, and, oh yeah, the team completely ruined the entire timeline having an encounter between their future and past selves (which, if you remember, is the biggest no-no in the time travel handbook).

Season 3 promises to bring more crazy special features, incredible crossovers, and more team-building, time travel hi-jinks between this legendary group of unexpected heroes.


They broke time. That’s not just a figure of speech. These guys, in a crazy, yet successful, attempt to stop the Legion of Doom from rewriting history in their own image, the Legends of Tomorrow completely broke time. Yet, nothing that is broken cannot be fixed as Rip Hunter arrives shortly after the events of the final moments of the season finale of the 2nd season to ‘relieve’ the Legends of their duties. Although Rip stepped away from the Waverider, as well as his obligations as its captain, he has officially formed a new band of Men in Black-like time-cops, officially dubbed the Time Bureau. His time agents move seamlessly throughout time to fix time aberrations and erase the memories of those affected by it.

Rip Hunter totally takes the team out of commission. There is a time-jump (heh) to 6 months in the future where Sara is working for a Bed, Bath, and Beyond type of store in Star City (the manager remembers that shes been reported dead twice!), Ray Palmer is working for an App startup in Silicon Valley (UpSwipe doesn’t actually seem like a bad idea), Nate and WALLY WEST are totally kicking ass in Central City as a band of brothers taking down bad guys and using a dating app (UPSWIPE) to go out on a date, and Mick is in Aruba FINALLY. Where he meets none other than Julius Caesar..



Sara, like the badass she is, immediately quits her job and tries to get the band back together and try and correct the inaccurism. Ray, Sara, and Nate try and speak with Rip but are treated VERY harshly by agents of Rip’s Time Bureau. The sass in this sequence is real.


Rip is back on his BS. Fixing time and killing the game at training future time-travelers. It’s quite annoying that these people act as if they are all high and mighty over the wild antics of the gosh darn Legends. They have spent the last two years saving time over and over again.

Meanwhile, Mick is literally in a fist fight in Julius Caesar in a small hut on Aruba. They wind up in the middle of a college spring break toga party. He accidentally tackles a kid dressed as Caesar and is suddenly brought back by time agents. Things get awkward. Rip has never been one to mince words but his abrasiveness is really unfair to Sara and Mick.

Every action has a reaction and every reaction has a consequence. This consequence is Mick violently breaking up a time class and stealing the Waverider, kidnapping Julius Caesar in Aruba and save time.

The VERY vest thing about this show is the chemistry between characters. It’s hard to believe that the majority of them were introduced as side characters in either The Flash or Arrow because the sheer star-power that exudes from the screen every time they share screen time. It’s hard to imagine weekly television schedule without the excitement and hilarity that these characters constantly bring to our television screens. The ensemble cast is incredible. The writing is always top-notch. The special effects are like nothing else on any other superhero television program.

After scooping up Professor Stein and Jax AKA Firestorm, fixing up the ship, and traveling to modern-day Aruba where they find Julius Caesar rallying the troops (giving a speech to a bunch of drunk frat boys). In the EPIC words of Ray and Nate, the Arrowverse’s equivalent to the MCU’s Science Bros: they came. They saw. They KICK CAESAR’S ASS.

Then they high-fived. It was glorious. I can’t believe this show actually exists.


Sara, the captain of the ship and leader of the team, decides to take the inaccurism, Caesar, back to the Time Bureau, after Jax fixes up the Waverider of course. Which he does in-between his existential crisis of trying to find himself after Professor Stein makes the decision to not be one half of the all-powerful Firestorm any longer.

THEY DROP OFF CAESAR BUT HE STEALS THE HISTORY BOOK FROM NATE AND CAESAR TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD.   This book tells him to attack and murder those who betrayed him.. Brutus and Cassius.

Image result for legends of tomorrow season 3

Once again, the chemistry is off the charts even when Rip shows up and they have to try to fix the situation. Turns out, Caesar is a very formidable opponent. Until they all remember they have frickin’ superpowers and go in and totally wreck the Roman guard.

This was an extremely fun, action-packed, and witty first episode to kick off the third season to one of the most unique superhero shows in the weekly lineup of DC and Marvel shows. Rip Hunter has been one of the most dynamic characters on television and it is crazy how much these characters have grown and developed over time. Every episode is heartwarming and intense and funny and easy-to-relate-to.

One of the most interesting storylines is that Amaya returned to 1942 to protect her home village of Zambesi, Africa from poachers and rapists as the Vixen. And that tease alone is enough to bring fans coming back for more.

Who knows where this season will lead. We do know that Constantine will be making an appearance or two this season, which tells this writer that things can only get worse from here if they eventually need Constantine‘s help.


Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW

When the Legends realize they broke the timeline, Rip Hunter arrives to relieve them of duty; a new threat arises when Rory spots Julius Caesar in Aruba; Sara, Nate, and Ray devise a plan to stop Julius Caesar from conquering the modern world.

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