Dark Nights Metal #3 Review

Dark Nights: Metal #3, the latest issue in Scott Snyder’s Magnum Opus DC Comics Event, kicks the event into full throttle, with a new mission and clear set goal for the Justice League and heroes of the DC Universe. With this fast paced and exciting issue, Dark Nights: Metal keeps the momentum going from the previous two issues, all while adding intrigue to the story and the antagonist of the series. With a main focus on Superman in this issue, Scott Snyder gets to go into new and interesting places with the direction of his writing.


The issue opens up with an interesting dream sequence of Clark’s, in which the main antagonist, Barbatos, is finally introduced to us. The dialogue and detail in each panel of the dream sequence is filled with your standard Snyder allegories, and having what happens in the opening pages circle back to the last couple of pages of the issue (which I won’t spoil) really added some depth to the issue. Scott Snyder’s writing is almost never a problem in his books, as each scene is packed with hints and hidden meanings that you are sure will come back in later issues to make even more sense than it did before.

Greg Capullo, as always, succeeds with some truly fantastic art, as the action and vibrant colors on display here really helps the title live up to its METAL name. One great example of the perfect combination of Snyder and Capullo is a scene of broken and discouraged Justice League members drinking beer in a multiverse hidden bar, as the lighting and moods that the characters are drawn in by Capullo compliment the dialogue and scene that Snyder originally wrote in the script, making METAL #3 such a fun issue to read. While lacking in original Batman (for now) Dark Nights Metal is in no short supply of various Bat-Men from the multiverse, and one in particular is given some great dialogue and scenes in this issue, as The Batman Who Laughs solidifies himself as one of the more terrifying villains DC Comics has to offer.


Overall, thanks to some stunning art from Greg Capullo and some fantastic world building and setting up of the story by Scott Snyder (not to mention the rest of the brilliant team behind the event) Dark Nights Metal #3 is the strongest issue of the series yet, and with us being only 3 issues in, you could tell that we are in for a wild ride. It will certainly be interesting to see how the rest of the event turns out, especially with the shocking ending of issue 3, which I strongly recommend reading this issue if you want to find out. – Ernesto Valenzuela

GRADE – 9/10


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