In the weeks leading up to the release of Justice League, Warner Home Entertainment has decided to re-release previous entries in the DCEU in order to entice more people to watch the series’ latest entry. However, the studio has decided to make these re-releases into collector’s edition steelbooks, which will entice those who already own these titles to double dip.

In addition, the DC Comics Mexican Twitter account has revealed that DC Entertainment co-publisher and comic book artist Jim Lee has designed the artwork for upcoming Blu-Ray steelbooks for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both of these steelbooks are to coincide with the release of Justice League in November, and will be released on October 31 by Warner Home Entertainment. The covers can be viewed in the tweet below:

Lee’s artwork for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman consists of bold colors, shadows and heroic poses that fit appropriately with the superheroes depicted. In the case of his Man of Steel artwork, we see Superman posing on an asteroid while Krypton is exploding behind him. In the case of his Batman v Superman artwork, we see Lee’s interpretation of the pivotal fight between Batman and Superman.

The beautiful covers that Lee has created are now among other reasons that could attract buyers to these re-releases. This is made more notable considering that these steelbooks are only available on the Blu-ray format and not the premium 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray format.

Mark Tan

Source: Heroic Hollywood

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17.


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