It looks like Marvel and Run the Jewels may be working together on something new. Most will remember that RTJ had their song Legend Has It featured in the epic Black Panther trailer released back in June. But this may not be the their only collaboration within the MCU.

On their twitter the hip hop duo tweeted a photo featuring a t-shirt with the Marvel logo and RTJ’s logo. For the most part nothing too interesting can be found in the photo, however they also stated in the tweet, “#FridayThe13th”.

The post has led many to believe we may be getting a new Black Panther trailer this Friday.

But a more recent post has led to some confusion on the matter. RTJ has now tweeted out what appears to be some kind of band with half of their logo on it. But on the upper part of the garment looks to be the iconic Punisher logo. And once again there is #FridayThe13th.

Netflix’s Punisher was rumored to be premiering this Friday but after the Las Vegas shooting occurred it was reported that the release date could be moved back. Making the meaning of these tweets even more confusing.

For now we can only hope for more hints on what is being planned. But it should be safe to assume something is coming this Friday,  such as a new trailer for either of Marvel’s titles. – Jacob Campbell

Source: Run the Jewels


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