The Fall season for comic book television recently kicked off about two weeks ago, veteran shows have made their return with their appropriate networks starting with ‘Gotham’ season four premiere for Fox and season one premiere of ‘The Inhumans’ on ABC. The premieres for ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ aired this week and the ‘Arrow’ season six returns today. It is an exciting time to see our favorite comic book characters return to our small screens.

There is an up and coming new comic book series that recently made its rookie debut on Fox called, ‘The Gifted’. Our own writers, Christian Hubbard and Kenneth Colon, have done reviews for episode one and episode two. Kenneth will be taking over for the rest of the season. If you are interested on what the show is really about, you should give it a read.

I recommend to potential viewers that they should check out the show because it has been an interesting story and you can really see the character developments gain some growth. ‘The Gifted’ is about mutants and being involved in the X-Men world. The X-Men movie universe hasn’t been all that exciting lately and I would like to believe some of the reason it hasn’t really resonated with the me and maybe the general audience is because we simply we don’t have enough background about the characters in the movies other than that they’re established with mutant powers.

‘The Gifted’ has a balance of between the two, some characters are growing into their powers and still learning how to control the gift that they possess, while others have a better understanding of who they are as a mutant. In the first two episodes, we meet a character, Blink, who last we saw on any screen was in the movie, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. While she was awesome in the movie, but I feel she was forgotten afterwards.


In the first season of ‘The Gifted’, we meet a much more immature Blink who is still getting a feel for who she is as a mutant. What she just went through in the first two episodes was some really good development that I have seen in a X-Men related live action story for Blink. She is currently going through the pain of having the power and was suffering what the consequences were of having the power that affects others around her.

the two kids- the gifted

We also get to meet two teenage kids who discover that they are mutants and aren’t as established as some of the other characters on the show. The storyline that has been built at Fox has been made to feel, as the show goes on, we are creating our own character development and go through some of the same depths that the inexperienced young mutants go through. We share the same story and journey.

I feel there is so much more to the story and the depth, that it needs to continue its growth of the show. This is first, real X-Men related universe that has been done right in a long while since the character of Wolverine. We all love who Wolverine is right? We were given the rightful character development of who Logan is, especially after this year with, ‘Logan’.

So why is it that ‘The Gifted’ have been hit with such low ratings? According to tvbythenumbers, the ratings are based on adults from ages 18-49 rating/share on the left and the amount of viewers in the millions on the right.

The Gifted (FOX)



Well, for one, the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ trailer was due to appear during halftime of  ‘Monday Night Football’, which was priority attention of potential viewers because its Star Wars, duh. Also, I don’t believe ‘The Gifted’ was heavily promoted compared to the promotions of other shows, like ‘The Flash’ or ‘Arrow’. Another thought could be that because of the recent X-Men movies not doing as well it should be, audiences could be giving the freshman X-Men related tv show the cold shoulder. 

Well, I think this is something that needs to be fixed because ‘The Gifted’ has been so much better than the most recent X-Men movie, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. ‘The Gifted’ has only aired two episodes and it already got more character development than the entire movie of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. Also since it’s a television series we would get to see the day to day growth of each of the characters. We get to see the characters learn and evolve with their powers.

Another reason, I really want fans put their support behind ‘The Gifted’ because you won’t get that many chances to watch it because Fox made a short order of only six episodes. Why? I think you could guess why. ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, their last film related to the X-Men universe wasn’t as pleasing to a lot of people. Most were annoyed by it. Count me as one of them. I thought it was cool at first, but the more I watched it, I started to realize why it was problematic.

the gifted cast

Please give ‘The Gifted’ a chance, I think you will understand why I think it has potential to carry on as a popular show. If you don’t, it would be a disappointing measure for fans who enjoy the X-Men comics despite this show not directly involving the X-Men superheroes and villains yet. They’re just individuals who are trying survive as a group since they don’t have luxury of joining the X-Men. But if this show gains popularity, not only does it increases the chances of getting more episodes added to the schedule, but it also opens up the possibility of having the X-Men cinematic universe crossing over to the small screen in potential future seasons. 

Let us know what you think on Twitter what you think? If you think different from I think, then express your thoughts @SuperBroMovies!

Lucas Talbot

Source: TV by the Numbers


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