AND WE’RE BACK! After a sixth month hiatus ‘Arrow’ is returning for its sixth season after a – no pun intended – explosive finale. If you forgot where we left off, Adrian Chase had kidnapped Team Arrow and lured Oliver back to Lian Yu where the two finally squared off. Oliver took down Chase but only to have Prometheus take his own life, triggering the bombs that were rigged around the island to detonate and leave the lives of all of Team Arrow – including Slade Wilson – up in the air. 

“Fallout” begins five months after the events on the island. Green Arrow is taking on a boat of mercenaries and in typical ‘Arrow’ fashion, he puts an arrow in each of them. We then pan to Diggle, revealing he made it off the island, as did Wild Dog, who has a fantastic suit upgrade. Curtis is also shown to be alive after he stops a missile shot by the mercenaries from hitting the city.

We then cut to back to Lian Yu moments before the explosion showing Team Arrow trying to figure out an escape route. After returning to the present we see the crew in the Arrow cave and Felicity appears bringing Big Belly Burger, revealing she too made it out alive.

We then learn that Oliver is taking care of his son William, who isn’t having an easy time adjusting to his new surroundings. Dinah is then interrogating one of the mercenaries – confirming her survival – before learning that Lance as supposed to come into the station but has yet to appear. We find Lance in a bar, having a difficult time after the events on Lian Yu and learning about the existence of Black Siren.

Siren then uses the man in the police station to blow a hole in it but doesn’t appear to see what she came for. It then comes out that William’s mother was killed on the island, marking her as the first casualty of the finale. Back on Lian Yu, we see Slade looking through the rubble of the island and tells Oliver he’s seen Thea.


The team then goes to hunt down Black Siren and confront her on a bridge, only to have the fight lead to Wild Dog getting injured after Diggle wasn’t able to pull the trigger before a mercenary injured him. As we flashback again, we see Oliver come over Thea’s lifeless body as he breaks down.

The team then learns that Siren is going to attack the police academy graduation, because she wasn’t able to kill her actual target, Lance at the station. Lance then reveals that he killed Black Siren on Lian Yu after she threatened Dinah’s life, but are unsure how she survived. Then back on the island we see William’s mother tell Oliver that her son needs him before finally letting out her final breath.

The graduation goes off without any issue, giving the team an odd feeling. Black Siren then instead attacks the Arrow cave, injuring Diggle, who was left behind to survey the situation. The team arrives to take down Siren but she manages to escape but is then confronted by Lance in an alley. He has a gun on her but is unable to pull the trigger a second time.

We then visit Rene in the hospital where he’s recovered and Oliver has brought him another chance to get his daughter back in the form of a custody hearing. Oliver then visits another room where Thea is in a coma as Slade walks in. He gives Oliver advice about dealing with William before he heads off to find his son Joe with the information Oliver gave him.

Curtis then reveals that Black Siren stole a prototype T-Sphere. Then in the final flashback we see a helicopter land on the island and rescue Black Siren but it’s not revealed who. Oliver then gives one more shot at getting to William, who’s blaming Oliver for the death of his mother. He reassured him that he’s never going to leave him and offers to watch a game with him which he takes him up on.

Oliver then gets a call from Felicity, telling him to turn on the TV. A news report reveals that Oliver has been outed as the Green Arrow.


After such an amazing finale, “Fallout” had a lot to live up to and it came up short. It had a lot to handle with multiple present day storylines and flashbacks, filling in the time gap between last season and this one. There were strong threads in the episode, especially the present day events but those stories outweighed the emotional stakes of the flashbacks, which turned out to be minimal.

The show attempted to give each character a sort of trauma they were dealing with following the events on Lian Yu but that was to cover for the fact that no major character was killed off. The character moments also seemed a bit off, with Oliver not reacting too strongly to his son’s mother’s death and Thea’s situation. The episode was a solid entry but was disappointing as the Season 6 premiere. 6/10 Jackson Hayes

Arrow airs Thursday at 9/8c on the CW

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