We here at SuperBro’s know that it might have been tough getting up to NY last week to see and hear all about the great stuff coming from DC, Marvel, and more. So we thought we would collect all of the news we heard in one place so that you can get caught up. So scroll down and get see what you missed.

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If one title stood out from the rest at NYCC it was Doomsday Clock. At DC’s Meet the Publishers Panel it was revealed the new event will be a direct sequel to Watchmen. For more details on the event check here.


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One of the most exciting events at NYCC was Geoff John’s own panel on the highly anticipated Doomsday Clock. At the panel Johns revealed the inspiration for the story, his hopes for the characters, and the first six pages of the story which you can see here.


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Flash War, announced at  DC’s Metal and The New Age of DC Heroes panel, will spiral out of the hit event DC: Metal. The story will answer once and for all who is the best Flash, Barry Allen or Wally West. For more details on the story click here.


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DC announced the launch of their new initiative, Earth M. It will feature old and new faces from Milestone comics. Most notably the launch will feture the return of Static Shock to comics. To learn more about the launch of Earth M look here.


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Fan favorites of many the Dark Knights have been one of the best parts of DC: Metal. And based on this DC has made the smart decision to tease some of the Dark Knights may be sticking around after the event wraps up. For more information on this news check here.


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DC announced the return of their Vertigo imprint which will relaunch in 2018. Little else is known besides this but to learn about what we do know check here.


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Along with all the other exciting news about Metal, DC also announced they would be releasing an official soundtrack for the event. The project is being helmed by the composer of both Watchmen and Guardians of the Galaxy. For details on the album click here.


Hopefully this has helped you get up to date on all the amazing news out of last week’s comic con. To stay more up to date on news make sure to follow us at SuperBro ComicCorner on Twitter! – Jacob Campbell


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