‘The Gifted’ S1 Ep.3 ‘eXposed’ Recap/Review

‘The Gifted’ has really come out swinging from the get go and has surprised me each week. To continue in the same quality and pace that the show is going for is really hard, especially those episodes being the first two. Does ‘eXposed’ get fatigued or does it continue the foundation the series has presented excellently so far? Let’s find out…


As I was expecting, the show slowed down sooner rather than later. In ‘eXposed’, we see the Strucker family leave behind the rest of the mutants in order to go to some “connections” on the outside. The more interesting aspect of the episode comes from Reed and his collaboration with Sentinel Services. Working with them causes an internal battle within Reed, showing that he really is so desperate to keep his family safe, but at the same time he doesn’t want to compromise his moral values. This makes for great development for the character, as well as some entertaining moments.

The episode escalates dramatically towards the end, when Eclipse and Thunderbird find the Strucker’s at a family members house. They’re quickly outed and concerned community members confront them. Im guessing you could figure who lost that one… This show continues to show the remarkable production value it has each week. That being said, without this, the show wouldn’t be able to thrive as much as it currently does.

I’m going to be totally honest, I keep waiting for when this show will crash. I don’t mean it in a bad way, just compare it to the Los Angeles Lakers. They have some phenomenal first halves, but by the third quarter they collapse completely, sometimes worse than the last time. A show like ‘The Gifted’ is starting off so well that for me, it’s a matter of when and not if. I’m not bashing this at all, I’m actually praising how excellent the show is for that matter so far.

‘eXposed’ builds of greatly of the other episodes, and even though it slowed the pace down considerably at the beginning of the episode, it was still must see T.V. The characters in the show are really the main attraction again in this episode, as they guide you so well in helping you submerse yourself in this amazing, comic book accurate world the creators of the show made. The action set piece at the end just complements what the episode built so well, and ends it for this week on a high note (as always).

Before I grade this episode, I must say this. Week by week ‘The Gifted’ keeps giving me more and more great television. Great characters, superb action set pieces, astounding production value, and a sense of characterization of the world and characters that a comic book based T.V show should have. Not only is ‘The Gifted’ one of the best Comic Book T.V shows ever made (Until now, it deserves this merit), it’s one of the best T.V shows out there period.

GRADE: 9/10



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