‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep2 “Mixed Signals” Recap/Review

The Flash is back this week and a new metahuman is reeking havoc; Kilg%re. Barry is has been reborn and he’s pretty different now. He now views life differently, and isn’t as mopey about everything. But it’s gonna take time for the crew(and the audience) to get used it. Let’s see how it all turned out…


First up is getting introduced to Kilg%re, the scene is pretty neat and I enjoyed how they setup a cyber based meta. It was creative and a good to have such a different type of villain early on, but he did look way too simple. Of course very different from the comics, but I didn’t really expect them to go that route.

After that, the opening of the episode sets the tone early; cheesy and very, very light hearted. So much so that it felt forced a lot of the time, with the jokes landing only half the time. This got a bit annoying especially when we deal with Iris and Barry’s apparent relationship problems or with Cisco and his girlfriend. I kind of forgot about this when Cisco brought out all of the feature of the new suit, I must admit it looks pretty awesome. I don’t like the leather look but it’s still a major improvement on the original look in my opinion.


One of the major parts of this episode is the couples therapy for Barry and Iris, something I feel kind of conflicted about. The scenes are pretty funny and the actors do really well, but it just doesn’t feel like The Flash. I think the show is now feeling more and more like a CW than before, I don’t think it’s working like they want to. This will sure bring in that younger audience, but this episode felt too much like tween show.


Which isn’t always a bad thing, but it kind of threw me off a bit and definitely took me awhile to get used to it. All things considered it could’ve been a lot worse and although I think they have good intentions, it’s simply not up to par with previous seasons.

Kilg%re and Flash clash near the end but Barry’s new suit has way too many extra features which means the villain can control him with ease. How he’s able to do this is kind of baffling, because Cisco made the suit pretty much completely controllable remotely. The whole suit can be easily controlled and it’s really not believable that Cisco, a really smart man, would just forgot about this detail.

It just did not feel very well thought out and seemed a bit lazy to be honest. These types of plot holes may seem like nitpicks at first, but further thought makes the whole thing crumble. With that being said, Barry listening to Iris in order to defeat Kilg%re was a nice moment and the action was entertaining. That’s the problem though; I feel like there are only nuggets of good moments that hold my attention, and not the whole episode.

A small scene at the very end once again teases the Thinker, and I like how they’re setting him up as an all knowing villain that has everything planned. Their are apparently multiple metahumans running around that got their power not through the same accident that got Barry his powers. Whether or not this storyline will live up to the setup remains to be seen, but I like where they’re going with it.

At the end, I feel the show really needs to up the quality in terms of tone and dialogue. It has it’s moments, yet I feel as if they can do a lot better because they have. I really like that the show is going in a more light and fun direction, I just don’t think it’s there yet.

Rating: 6.5/10 

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.

One thought on “‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep2 “Mixed Signals” Recap/Review

  1. As you said I feel like they tried but failed… the relationship between Barry and iris get more and more awkward and the fact they keep getting her in everything make it very forced like tonight as the premier there is Cisco and she is the leader…. I mean what?!?! Or tonight two geniuses were present but she has the idea?!?!?
    This is not the flash I fell in love

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