Batman #33 Review (SPOILERS)

Batman is back this week and now we have to deal with the fact that Bruce just got engaged with Selina Kyle, Catwoman herself. We got her answer to the proposal last week, and this issue picks up right after. The Bat and Cat are on a top secret mission, and what they’re looking for will surely surprise some. Let’s get into this and dissect another installment of Tom King’s series.


Batman in a coat. That’s all this issue needed.

Desert Batman is and will always be awesome. This mission of the romantic duo has them deep into the desert, and why they are there isn’t revealed until the very end. During their trek in a lo of sand, they two are in a very loving mood. They have very good chemistry and their interactions are always very fun.

Fun is something this whole issue has a lot of, and I have to say this was really enjoyable. It has more humor than most installments in this run but it works surprisingly well. Most of it comes from the Wayne family, who are told of the engagement between Catwoman and Batman.


Seeing everyone’s reactions to it is has entertaining as it is funny. From Jason Todd to Bruce’s own son Damian, everyone has mixed feelings about it. Some fans will feel weird about it as Batman comics are usually more serious, but I think it’s nice to break to format from time to time. People have also labeled this series as “fan-fiction” with a negative connotation when I think it’s good a huge fan of the character is working on the comic. Although King’s run hasn’t been perfect, I definitely think it has some great moments like in this issue that fans will talk about for years.


Talia al Ghul is the person they’re looking for, and I’m not quite sure as to why. Sure she’s the mother to Batman’s child, but what does that have to do with the engagement? Surely whatever their intentions are it’s probably not a good thing for her. In all likely hood they will just let her know about the engagement, bit I have a small feeling this build up may lead up to just a funny moment between them. But it would be too ridiculous even for King. Who knows though, I just hope the reveal as to why is convincing and effective.

In Conclusion:

Overall, this was a very fun issue. Seeing the aftermath of Batman’s question to Catwoman is entertaining and exciting. Some fans may not entirely like this issue, but I think that’s safe to say for most of Tom King’s run.

Rating: 8.5/10 Solid

– Marcos Melendez


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