First ‘VENOM’ Plot Details

New information regarding Sony’s ‘Venom’ is officially out thanks to Omega Underground as they were able to find the plot details of what comicbook storyline is being brought to life. Tom Hardy is set to star as Ed Brock. This film is supposedly separate from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


lethal protector

The film is likely to take place focusing on the first solo comic book run of the 1993, ‘Venom: Lethal Protector’. The story starts off with Venom making an agreement with Spider-Man that they will leave each other alone only on the one condition that Venom commits no crimes. Well, I am not sure how this works if this movie is separate from the MCU. Are we meeting a new Spider-Man in this stand alone universe? Or are we just going to see a written or typed up document of the agreement that was signed between the two. Nevertheless, it interesting see as more new information surrounding the ‘Venom’ movie.

Brock moves from New York City to San Francisco after that agreement. Shortly after, a father of Venom’s victims in New York is on the hunt for Brock with a group of mercenaries and wants revenge. Spider-Man sees bad information being spread on television goes to San Francisco to stop the father of the victim and the mercenaries called the Jury. Spider-Man ends up teaming up with Venom to fight five new offsprings of the Venom Symbiote: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony. Now, we don’t know for sure they are following strictly to this storyline and all the offsprings will show up.

The Jury are a super-powered team of mercenaries that uses stolen Stark Industries armor designs to be a force to be reckoned with. If these armor designs are connected to Robert Downey’s Tony Stark, this could open the door to having a potential connection to the MCU.

riz ahmed venom


It’s been reported as a rumor for months, that Carnage could be set to appear in the film and possibly played by ‘Rogue One’s Riz Ahmed. The female lead, Michelle Williams, will be playing Brock’s ex-wife, Anne Weying. Weying is also known to be She-Venom in the comics and could be the connection for Scream to be born. Scream is a spawn of Carnage.

I like the direction that Brock is heading in. He is trying to reinvent himself as a person and hopefully throw away the villain image. Hardy played a good villain as Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, but it will be awesome to see Hardy potentially become an anti-hero. ‘Venom’ begins production on October 23rd and will be filming until February. It sounds like ‘Venom’ is really happening and hopefully it looks good when it comes out!

What do you guys think of these new details of ‘Venom’? Be sure to share your thoughts with @SuperBroMovies on Twitter.

Lucas Talbot

Source: Omega Underground

Venom will hit theaters October 5th of 2018.

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