New ‘AQUAMAN’ Set Photos Feature Arthur Curry Wearing New Armor And Mera

New set photos from the production of the upcoming DC film ‘Aquaman‘ have surfaced online and they give us a good look at Arthur donning new armor and Mera. The images come courtesy of the Instagram fan account everything_dceucomics, so props to them for getting this pictures. First up is Aquaman’s new armor.



At first glance it seems like Aquaman may have gotten a new suit but if you look closely, it looks like some basic Atlantean armor. My guess is that he is on the run from King Orm (Ocean Master), and the only way to get into Atlantis is going undercover. Previous set images back this up, with Mera being chased by Altlantean soldiers here.

Two other photos featuring the future queen Mera on the same beach walking towards a camel.


This probably teases that there will be a lot of traveling in this film, promising a big scope in terms of stakes. Of course it’s hard to tell with just some photos, but it wouldn’t be the first time we get a good idea of how the film will turn out with these types of images.

This just gets me even more excited for the James Wan-directed film, knowing him it will probably be a blast in the theaters. What do you guys think?

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Source: Instagram via everything_dceucomics


Aquaman swims into action December 21, 2018.

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