‘Stranger Things 2’ Episodes 4-6 Recap/Review

Before we start, make sure to read our review of the first three episodes of ‘Stranger Things 2’ by clicking right here. Now then, ‘Stranger Things 2’ started off in an amazing manner (Who couldn’t resist those pearls?) ,do the next block of episodes continue the course or steer away? Let’s see…


Chapter 4: ‘Will the Wise’

The episode follows the multiple plot points the show is starting to develop. I’ll mention them but won’t go into in depth spoilers as much. Nancy and Steve still have relationship problems, the chase for Dart continues, Jonathan and Nancy reunite in the name of Barb, and El has had it with Hopper. I feel the episode as a whole is was one of the season’s best offerings up till now. The aspect I found most intriguing was the whole El/Hopper dynamic.

I found myself liking what they decided to do with both characters and this episode just makes it better. The struggle of El no being able to go out to see Mike is really felt, while the hardship of Hopper being a father figure without really not being able to control El also works as a great dynamic. This aspect is explored very little in this episode, but when it shows up it’s really good television. Also, (mild spoiler here) is Eleven’s real name… JANE?!?!

The episode also shows the group really not on the same page at all. Between them hiding secrets from each other and their struggling opinions on Max, they’re dealing with some big things that could have HUGE repercussions. I also like what is happening with Will, it really adds to his character and the intrigue of the show. I might also like to add that the last 8-12 minutes of the episode I feel have set the tone in terms of what’s next to come and I’m so excited to see how everything plays out.

I loved this episode, it gave answers while presenting new questions as well, making the intrigue build up on huge levels. The 80’s vibes along with the score and great acting always make the episodes so good. (Also, THE DEMOGORGON IS BACK?!)

GRADE: 9.5/10


Chapter 5: ‘Dig Dug’

Hopper’s latest discovery has him trapped in what appears to be the upside down, Will sees him in one of his little episodes and immediately tells Joyce he feels danger is imminent for our favorite Hawkins police Chief. Dustin is trying to control what appears to be a baby demogorgon (which reminds me of ‘Alien’ a lot), Eleven is in a journey to find her mom, and Nancy & Jonathan have decided to take matters into their owns hands.

This series gets better by the minute. The whole episode had me grasped from the get go. The thing I most enjoyed about this one is the whole story about Eleven and her mom and how they got separated from the first place. It was so well executed and so disturbing yet compelling, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It also gave a little insight/connection on why we were shown a random bank heist at the beginning of this season. The other plot line that really made the episode so great was Hopper’s and how it united some characters.

I’ve really enjoyed the Bob character and I feel like this thing with how he got connected to all of this was done great and adds depth to his character. He’s just strolling around, coming to bring Will some games so he could feel better and instead, he just solves a mystery that Joyce, Will, and Mike couldn’t solve. It adds to what we already know about the type of guy he is, and makes him a nice character to have on the show. The ending of the episode was AMAZING. It truly felt like a horror movie in the best possible way. It added to the mystery of how Will is connected to the upside down in more ways than one in the most creepy, eerie, Stranger Things way.

This episode has joined a line of consistent one upping. The next episode gets even better than the last, and this was no exception at all. This season is showing how it’s evolving from the amazing first season, and it looks like it ain’t stopping here.

GRADE: 10/10


Chapter 6: The Spy

‘The Spy’ deals with the repercussions of what happened at the end of the last episode. It also paired up Dustin with Steve in what turned out to be something I didn’t know I wanted, but now I definitely need it. We also saw Nancy & Jonathan show some emotion to each other (FINALLY) in what seems to be the most unnecessary plot point ever.

To no surprise, this episode was a great one. If I were to have one big gripe with the show, it would have to be the Barb subplot with Nancy & Jonathan. I just can’t see the point to it, other than to further the conflict between Nancy & Steve and add Jonathan into that mix. It’s just there to please Barb fans in what is, up till now, the low point of the show. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and it will serve a purpose, only time will tell.

The scope of the show just continues to grow even further, especially at the end of the episode where we learn that there’s not 1, not 2, not 3 (insert LeBron James voice)…you get the point. With that and Will and his inner voices setting a trap, dark times await the residents of Hawkins, Indiana.

This episode was great as well, but slowed the pace down and focused on a single narrative more than the other episodes. The only thing that brings it down a notch is that Barb plot line I mentioned.

GRADE: 8.5/10

My thoughts on the episodes as a whole:

I really enjoyed this block of episodes and felt that it took a step up in all aspects from the first three. The acting is superb, the score gives me some Blade Runner vibes, and the show overall is just well directed/written. I really can’t praise this show enough and can’t stress enough how you should catch up and watch this season. You can tweet us your thoughts at @SuperBroMovies. –Kenneth Colon

GRADE: 9.3/10

‘Stranger Things Season 2’ is now streaming on Netflix.


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