GameStop Announces Power Pass; Subscription Service for Renting Used Games

GameStop is entering the subscription service industry. Most of us are used to having a video streaming service or two on our gaming devices. Microsoft recently introduced a digital service in its Game Pass, where you can play from a catalog of chosen games. Now Gamestop is coming up with their own service using the physical copies of games in their stores.  A leaked advertisement, via NeoGAF, shows the details.

Pay $60 and for six months you can check out any one used game at a time. You can keep it as long as you want within the six months and when you bring it back, you can chose another game. This applies to any game, no matter how new, as long as there is a used copy of it at the store you go to. There is also a little bonus gift. Whatever game you have checked out when the six months end, you get to keep. If you were able to snag a recent release (which usually sells for $49.99 used) you could make this deal better than it already is.


Power Pass’ main rival is Gamefly. The single game subscription fee there is $16 a month ($96 for six months). With Gamefly, you set a priority queue and they pick what’s available. With Gamestop’s option, you can go to their website and check your local stores for the used game you want. According to the advertisement, this program will become available on November 19.

Will you be trying out Power Pass?


For more – Cole Hickey

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