Stranger Things 2 review/recap: Ep. 7-9

Stranger Things is the best shoe on Netflix, and season 2 made it official. The first 6 episodes were amazing. The episodes dove deep into the mythology of Stranger Things. We got newer creatures this season, and new characters. I’m really excited about these reviews, so let’s dive in. I hope you guys enjoy!!

Episode 7 – The Lost Sister

This episode was an unnecessary necessity. There were many subplots that lead to the main plot which I’ll get to later. This subplot however was just a subplot, but it was a subplot that was needed to bring out the true power of Eleven. Eleven, who had found her mother in an earlier episode, finds out about another psychic child from the lab. Her number was 8, but her name was Kali. Eleven finds her through a picture using her powers (kind of reminds you of Professor X).  She goes to Chicago via Greyhound bus to find Kali. She finds her in the underground world of Chicago. She’s a very punk rockish looking young girl, and she’s running around with a bad group of people. They’re hunting down bad people. For most of the episode, Eleven follows along cluelessly. Kali shows her how to channel her inner power and maximize her Telekinesis. They go on to hunt down another “bad guy,” and Eleven becomes conflicted. While taking him down, Eleven sees he has children and doesn’t know what to do. She has to make a decision and choose what kind of person she wants to be. She makes her decision, and it picks up the episode. They make a run for it, and go back to there hideout. The episode is slow and kind of draggy, but it’s important as an arc. It creates an arc for Eleven. She sees a vision of Jim Hopper kind of in a bind, and sees Mike in the hospital. She ends up having to choose between staying with her “sister” and going back to her friends in Hawkins. She ultimately chooses Hawkins and heads back via Greyhound. This is definitely unnecessary to the show as a whole, but it is important to Eleven’s story. It creates a source to how she can channel her true power. 

This is kind of a love/hate episode. You want to like it, but you hate it. The pace is horrible, the story is eh, and it just doesn’t fit well overall. It kind of leaves a gap between episode 6 and 8 that does not need to be there. You have to watch to understand why things go certain ways later. 
Rating: 7/10

Episode 8 – The Mind Flayer

This episode picks the pace back up. The Mike, Will, Mike’s mom, Bob, and Hopper are trapped in the Hawkins lab. The Demidogs are coming from the Upside Down, and the whole lab is screwed. Meanwhile, Billy is out looking for Max. Max, Lucas, Dustin, and Steven are all at the junkyard on the abandoned bus. If you remember, they were surrounded by Demidogs. Nancy and Johnathan are on their way back to town from meeting with Murray. The way the episode sets up is crazy. They start to figure out things more and more. The evil thing that has infected will is using him. Will thought he could spy on it, but it’s been using will to spy. Mike figures out how to stop it from using will. The twists and turns in this episode are crazy, and a very emotional moment happens inside the Hawkin’s Lab. It effects the group in a way that pushes them to defeat the Upside Down again. Everybody seemingly comes together and meets at the lab. They all go to Will’s house to plot their next move. We also get a name for the entity that has control of Will. Of course, they pull the name out of the Dungeons and Dragons manual, it’s dubbed the The Mind Flayer. The Mind Flayer is our big bad for this season of Stranger Things. The Mind Flayer takes control of a host, and uses them to conquer whatever race rules that planet. The crew also finds out something strange about Will, he may or may not be Will. They interrogate Will to find out what exactly is going on. Mike figures out something that helps them with Will. Then, we get a pretty badass entrance from Eleven. She greets everybody, almost. Then, they devise a plan to stop The Mind Flayer. Things get pretty hasty pretty fast. Things go south and they have to leave their location. Well, almost everybody. Steve, Dustin, Lucas, and Max stay back; and they’re pretty upset about it. Billy is still looking for Max. We get to see Billy interact with an older woman, and that’s how he finds Max. When he finds Max, we finally get to see Max come out of her shell of fear. She strikes back, and shows Billy she isn’t afraid. They have already made their own plan to help the party, and begin to execute.

This episode just might be my favorite of the season. We get so many emotional twist, and it’s worth it. The comical scenes also add on to this. Steve’s character development is amazing. He’s come a long way from last season. All of the kids are growing up, and you really get to see how far they’ve come in this episode.

Rating – 9.5/10

Episode 9 – The Gate

We all know how all of these otherworldly things began. Eleven opened up the gate to the upside down. The Demigorgon came through, and it wreaked havoc among Hawkins. Everything started at the gate. Supposedly it had been closed, but as usual the government had lied. They just buried it, and hired someone else to continue the work. Leading to more bigger problems.

The finale of season 2 is a finally worth waiting for. You get a lot of things happening all at once. There’s this kind of exorcism going on, the kids are trying to help stop The Mind Flayer, and Eleven must close the gate. Everything happens in waves, and if you’re as tied to the characters as I am… You’re so excited to see all of it. Our young heroes and there elders are hard at work trying to save the world. You just have to enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that is. The exorcism (no, it’s not an exorcism, but that’s what I’m calling it) may just be the most emotional thing about it. You feel for each character given their situation. The kids travel to the upside down, but do they all make it back? Eleven has to close the gate (and this is where episode 7 actually makes sense, and it’s rating jumps to an 8 so fast), and you just watch her go super saiyan. Haha. Is the mystery solved? Have the kids stopped the evils of the upside down? We really have no clue. The Snow Ball looks like it was fun though. The Winter formal that’s held at Hawkins Middle School seems fun. Everybody gets all dressed up, and ready to make a move on a girl. It sets up the perfect happy ending after so many emotions get spilled. Then, of course, we get a glimpse into the upside down. Things may just keep getting strange in Hawkins, Indiana, but there’s this badass group of teens that can handle anything.

This episode was amazing, to the say the least. There was so much character development that I just kind of sat back and enjoyed. You have to love how each character has their own problems, but they deal in different ways. This was a true sight to see.

Rating: 9/10

This season was better than last season in my humble opinion. I loved the character development. Jim Hopper’s arc, may just be the best thing to focus on out of anybody else’s. He grows so much as a man and father figure. Each character grows, and nobody overshadows anyone else. There’s just a pure balance of the characters. The focus on Eleven is something to look at too, although you don’t need episode 7, you see how well it ends up fitting. This season also tackles some relevant social issues in a funny way. It’s a lovely thing to see. They really dive into the mythology of the Upside Down in this season, and I hope they get more in-depth in the seasons to come. This season overall was amazing. How do you guys feel? Did you binge it? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments! Tweet us, follow us, like us, share our articles!

Season Rating: 9/10

– Rascal F. Kennedy

It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

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