‘Gotham’ Recasts Poison Ivy Again With ‘The Flash’ Actress Peyton List

A major Batman villain is getting her third iteration in Gotham. When the show first premiered, Poison Ivy was shown as a young girl. Similar in age to Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, this was an homage to them being the same age for potential romantic relationships. In Season 3, Gotham abandoned this and aged Poison Ivy up into adulthood. Maggie Geha was cast and portrayed Ivy Pepper in a few episodes. Now, the show is looking to recast the character yet again for what seems to be a much larger role in the coming season.


Frequent CW actress, Peyton List, has be cast in the new version of Poison Ivy. She previously starred as the villain Golden Glider in The Flash, where she fought alongside her brother Captain Cold and teased Cisco in amusing fashion. She is also known as the lead in shows like Frequency and Tomorrow People.

Gotham producers said the following in a statement. “In the continuing evolution of Poison Ivy’s origin story, Ivy Pepper has been transformed once again taking another step toward becoming the Ivy we know from the comics. Dangerous. A live wire of crazy energy. She’ll set her sights on Gotham, intent on making the city her own green paradise.”

This sounds like a largely expanded role for the character and a welcome addition to the roster of villains in the show’s rogues gallery.

Source: Deadline

For more – Cole Hickey


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