‘THOR: RAGNARÖK’ Review! A Jack Kirby-esque, Flash Gordon, 80’s Arcade Game!

The best way to describe ‘Thor: Ragnarök‘ is a Jack Kirby-esque, Flash Gordon, 80’s side scroller arcade game. The common consensus for the film will be that it is incredibly funny throughout the whole thing (which can be seen as a bad thing in some more dramatic scenes), but where some MCU films struggle with forced humor, ‘Ragnarök‘ is a Taika Waititi Film and has some of the most natural humor we have seen in the MCU so far. For those complaints that “a movie about Ragnarök shouldn’t be funny,” the Ragnarök aspect is not “funny” (the rest of the movie is and this movie has some of, and probably the most brutal scenes in the MCU. I personally would relate the subtitle “Ragnarök” to Spider-Man: HOMECOMING, not all the of the movie took place at the HOMECOMING dance.

thor 2First off we are going to discuss the God of Thunder himself, Thor, which after a few bland MCU outings he can be seen as “No one’s favorite Avenger,” absolutely KILLS IT IN THIS ONE, probably my favorite part of the movie! We have watched Thor grow since his first outing years ago, and this is the culmination of that growth, plus they let Chris Hemsworth, a genuinely funny actor, be funny! Thor really reminded me of that strong, confident, funny Thor from early Jack Kirby comics!

4Thor: Ragnarök‘ has a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME SIDE CHARACTERS , but with so many side characters, some of them our gonna lose some screen time, and that really shows. Korg was someone I would have loved to see more of, every second on screen he rocked it (pun INTENDED) while someone like Skurge was criminally underused and fell into the generic MCU side villain role (though he does have a cool outro). Speaking of MCU Villains lets talk about HELA, who was definitely one of the better MCU Villains we have gotten, was brutal, charming, powerful  and had a good story to her but not as good as other 2017 MCU Villains, Ego and The Vulture. Would have loved to have seen more Valkyrie, and need to see more of her ASAP, Tessa made such a likable character. Loki’s Arc in this movie is a good continuation of his MCU arc and Hiddleston still incapsulates the character perfectly. Hemidal is as incredible as always but underused. The Grandmaster feels like Jeff Goldblum just walked on set and put little make up on, and I LOVED THAT, can we please get more of him soon as well? Lastly, THE INCREDIBLE HULK was the best incarnation of the Hulk we have gotten so far, and continues to be a scene stealer, (can he just show up as a side character in every MCU movie please?) making Hulk alittle smarter also helps his character be fleshed out better and makes for awesome chemistry with Thor.

Thor: Ragnarök‘ has some serious style and throws the predictable plot structure out the window. It’s style comes from the 80’s Arcade Game Feel and the arcade music really helps with that, while it is a tad jarring at first, by the end you will love it. The Cinematography and Visuals in ‘Ragnarök‘ are phenomenal, Taika really kills that, a beautiful film I recommend seeing in Theaters (I saw it in 3D and it really did not add anything so save your pennies). The action scenes are incredibly different then what we have seen before in the MCU and is a breath of fresh air (some scenes more akin to a certain Kingsman fight scene), y’all are going to LOVE the Hulk Vs Thor fight!


My main complaints with ‘Thor: Ragnarök‘ besides the underuse of great side characters is that it feels incredibly choppy, just goes from scene to scene, not always flowing, feels like they cut a lot of the movie out and that it was not a game changer, like they described it as “The Winter Soldier of Phase 3,” was just another chapter in the MCU.

Overall, I enjoyed the hysterical rollercoaster ride of a time that is ‘Thor: Ragnarök‘!

7.7 Mjölnirs out of 10 Mjölnirs.

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– Parker Batkins

Thor: Ragnarok – Imprisoned on the other side of the universe, the mighty Thor finds himself in a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against the Hulk, his former ally and fellow Avenger. Thor’s quest for survival leads him in a race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home world and the Asgardian civilization.

Thor: Ragnarök – Opens in the United States this Weekend!

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