Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is Changing Its Loot Box System After Feedback From Their Beta

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EA has been no stranger to correcting complaints about their Star Wars Battlefront series, mainly with the huge addition of a single player campaign, in Battlefront 2. The main complaint many of the fans had about Battlefront was the lack of content. Battlefront 2 aims to fix this with even more maps, the single player campaign, and free DLC. Other improvements to the game include a reworked hero reward system, and loot crates, loot crates that you could buy with actual money. Still got fans very angry, showing the new Battlefront would just be another “pay-to-win” game.

After the backlash EA suffered from the community they have decided to change-up their system to prevent this somewhat.

  •  Epic Star Cards, which allow players to use extra abilities or weapons, will no longer be confined to loot crates. Players will either have to craft them, or acquire them by buying the deluxe editions of Battlefront 2.
  • Players will have to increase their in-game rank in order to upgrade their Star Cards using crafting materials, which are still found in loot crates.
  • The majority of class-based weapons will be unlocked through regular play as that class. There will also be loot crates limited to certain classes, which will include parts and Star Cards to create new items and gear with.

Although you can still outright purchase crates with money, this does improve the system a little in my opinion. We would all love to see play-to-win gone, but unfortunately, much like paying for DLC, it won’t go away for a long time. Let us know if you’ll be picking up Star Wars Battlefront 2 on November 17th, and let us know how excited you are by tweeting us at @SBArcadeCorner.

Collin Stetzner

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