‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep4 “Elongated Journey Into Night” Recap/Review

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The Flash is back again and  there’s a lot going on this time around.  The main villain Thinker plotline moves over a bit to share the spotlight with the Cisco/Gypsy relationship troubles. Danny Trejo guest stars as Gypsy’s dad, and you can probably already guess where they are going with this.  Hartley Sawyer makes his debut on the show as Ralph Dibny, a.k.a. Elongated man,, the new meta in town. He has a history with Allen and they butt heads quite a bit. There’s quite a bit of ground to cover with this episode, but does it come together well? Let’s find out.


We start with Dibny being a dick, and it was very obvious where the showrunner are going with it. Although predictable, the arc of the character was entertaining to watch. He’s is wrapped up in a blackmail with the mayor, and in turn leads team Flash to investigate him.  Thanks to the dark matter in his cells, he manipulate his skin and stretch it however he wants to. This isn’t a desirable trait for someone that isn’t very nice. He’s a douche, he’s also a slob and bit of a perv. He has a history with Allen, and he blames him for his suffering. Their backstory was intriguing; Dibny and Allen were working a case years back when Dib tried to frame a person for murder. Now, this part sounds pretty familiar, the case was about a husband who was the main suspect for his wife’s murder. She was stabbed many times and they proceeded to assume the husband was responsible. This is almost identical to what happened to Barry’s mom when she was killed that night while he was young. Dibny assumed the husband did it so he tried to pin it on him using false evidence, this led to Barry finding out and costing his job.

Allen’s motivation to do this made a lot of sense once I gave it more thought. He didn’t want what happened to his own father happen to someone else, so he decided to do something about it. It brought another level of realism and I understood why Barry had his distaste towards him. I do think it’s a bit exaggerated at times, like most of the episode.

He’s mad

This is when the episode was losing me. The whole Cisco being hunted scenario was both not that funny and pretty lame. Danny Trejo has fun in the very limited role, but he’s severely underused. All he does is walk around with his hands up awkwardly, trying to take Cisco down in because he doesn’t approve of Cisco’s relationship with Gypsy. It all links up to the main story at the end, but I just wasn’t feeling the scenes at all.

The one thing this episode does exceptionally well above all else is balance the two stories being told. As I said before, we have the Cisco and Gypsy situation while The Flash aka Barry Allen and Iris West, deal with Dibny. There was a good balance in between them, and it kept the pace nice and smooth going. The elongated man story is by far the more interesting one though, and the whole being hunted Cisco stuff just didn’t work for me.

By the end, Elongated man redeems himself (sort of) and helps save Joe West in a helicopter. the visual effects done with him looked pretty great. He becomes apart of the team by the end and I’m actually sort of looking forward to his involvement in the team. It’s also important to note the Joe-baby drama. The team finds out at the end in the most cheesey way possible and it was pretty weird. A bit out of place, but I get their intentions. The show is going for a very light tone and sometimes it goes out of its way to do so. That in turn causes some things to lack in quality just to serve a joke or keep everything a certain tone. The season started this way and it seems like it won’t be changing soon.  I haven’t truly embraced it, and I’m just not sure I will by the end.

Rating: 6.8/10 

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.



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