‘AVENGERS 4’ Set Photos Reveal Return to Spoiler


As we covered before, some new set photos showed Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in some similar clothing, their ‘Avengers’ gear to be exact (click here & here for those pictures). Some new set photos have come up that show Thor and Tony together and add more fuel to the fire that is the speculation wagon.

They’re both wearing what they were wearing in the first ‘Avengers’ film, the question being the following: Are they filming flashback scenes or will the timeline be affected in the film? Is Tony using BARF in order to find some important information? Could the Battle of NY be relived but with a different outcome? This is all speculation but the possibilities are endless! The hype for this film just builds greater by the day. What do you think will be the case with these pictures? Let us know at @SuperBroMovies. –Kenneth Colon

SOURCE: MCU News & Tweets


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