Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Gives Us All the Legendary Pokémon.

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Who remembers that feeling the first time you caught Articuno? How amazing was it when you finally maxed out that pokedex and you could call yourself a real pokemon master? That feeling of nostalgia is what keeps many people invested in this simple series of catching and battling pocket monsters. There is a sense of wondrous accomplishment that accompanies every victorious catch in pokemon, from that first pidgey all the way to that Tapu Koko. This is why we play pokemon… to catch them all, and Nintendo knows this. This is why Nintendo has decided to give us as much nostalgia packed into one game that they can possibly give with the ability to catch ALL previous legendary pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.


That’s right my fellow nostalgia trainers, now you can catch a fresh new Articuno or Entei or whatever Legendary you wish for the first time again! If anyone ever wanted to have a badass team of legendaries, but never felt like you had the right combination available in one game, this is your chance to collect them all in one place.

All the past legendaries are not the only nostalgic addition to the latest title in this series. According to the official Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon website the new games will also feature the return of some of the series’ past antagonists. If you didn’t get your fill of Giovanni in Red and Blue as the leader of team rocket, it seems you will get another chance to shame the former Team Rocket Leader in Ultra Sun and Moon.


Of course a nostalgia overdose is not the only thing Nintendo is adding to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The games will feature a brand new mechanic called the battle agency where you don some sweet glasses and become an agent. As an agent you will be able to rent three pokemon and compete in single battles to defeat other rented pokemon and declare yourself the best damn agent in Alola.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon seems to be shaping up to be one hell of a true Pokemon experience. So get your training hats on and make a stop at the Pokemart, because Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be releasing on Nov. 17th.

Source- https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/2/16597912/pokemon-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon-version-exclusive-legendary-pokemon



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