Even More ‘AVENGERS 4’ Set Photos!; Includes LOKI And HULK (SPOILERS)

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We’ve had a huge amount of set photos from Avengers 4 today featuring Tony and Thor which looks to be some sort of flash back to the first Avengers film. We now have even more photos from the same shoot – this time featuring Loki in his Avengers outfit – as well as Mark Ruffalo in his classic Hulk mocap suit.

Here are the photos of Loki:




Since he has the muzzle on, this scene probably takes place at the end of  Avengers. It’s still unknown wether or not this is a flashback or even an alternate reality yet.

Here’s the set photo featuring Mark Ruffalo in his mocap suit:

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.23.28 PM.png

While it’s unclear, this probably takes place in the same scene considering it was shot on the same day.

What could be going on with this scene? Only time will tell.

Source – Just Jared and Twitter

Caleb Sadd

Avengers 4 releases in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.


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