Taika Waititi Would Want to Direct Ragnarok 2, Not Thor 4


Thor: Ragnarok is barely going to hit theaters in the United States and it is already looking like a big success. Besides it already killing it in the box offices overseas, it is tracking to have the highest opening week for the Thor trilogy in the U.S. The cherry on top of this film’s success is not a cherry at all- its a tomato. The current rotten tomato score for the film is 93%. This is currently one of the highest scores for a MCU film on the site. This does not necessarily mean that this is one of the top entries in the universe. The high score simply means that this film managed to appeal to a wide range of critics more than other MCU films have. This is definitely a feat that director Taika Waititi and the studio should be proud of; especially when considering that this is the third installment in Marvel’s former least popular franchise.


It seems like Marvel has managed to reach these achievements through their recent business strategy- hiring directing talent within the independent film field so they can show their strengths within a comic book blockbuster. This strategy can be seen with the success brought by directors James Gunn and Jon Watts with the Spider-Man and GotG films. Both of these directors have spoken highly of their relationship with the studio. The team work ethic is so great that both of them are continuing to work on their hero’s individual series. Based off good word of mouth from interviews, this also seems to be the case with Waititi. During a recent interview with ScreenRant, the director said he was on board with returning to the Thor franchise. He emphasized that it would not really feel like simply doing “Thor 4”, but more like a direct follow up to Ragnarok.

Yeah, people ask me, ‘would you do another one,’ and for sure I’d do another one because it wouldn’t even feel like doing a fourth Thor film, it would just feel like doing the second Ragnarok film. Cuz it does feel like in a way, yeah there’s been this reinvention in an exciting way … So it’s exciting cuz it feels like, if Chris were to do this again it wouldn’t feel like ‘oh it’s the eighth time I’ve done Thor,’ no it will feel like the second or third time I’ve done this character. Same with Mark [Ruffalo].

Those who have seen Ragnarok can agree that it stands out from the trilogy. The level of comedy and color brought by the world and its characters can be very different from those same aspects of the previous two films. Some may even say that this feels like a reboot to the franchise. It does after all introduce a few new supporting characters and change to the status quo for returning leads. Waititi has definitely revived the series into something that more audiences can care about. It would not be surprising for a sequel to be announced in phase four. Waititi has a lot of free time right now to breathe and explore whatever other projects he has in mind. He would not feel the same pressure and time constraints that other directors and writers have dealt with when delivering sequels. If there is an avenger that deserves more than a trilogy right now in the MCU- it is definitely Thor.

Source: ScreenRant

Stay tuned for more updates on the MCU!- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101 on twitter)


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