‘THE FLASH’ Will Introduce The “Council of Wells”

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The Flash‘ is about to go all Rick and Morty on us. An upcoming episode of the hit series will introduce many, many new Harrison Wells from multiple earths. They will apparently form the “Council of Wells”.


This episode is titled “When Harry Met Harry”, and will premiere on November 14. It will have the Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells seek out help (from himself) in order to figure out who The Thinker (main villain) is. It will seemingly be played up for comedic effect, when he “a roundtable of the smartest Harrison Wells from various earths” to form the “Council of Wells”.

Tom Cavanagh spoke to EW, and revealed the following.

  • “We had a sprinkling of it when they were on their quest for H.R. Wells last year where we had Hells Wells, Mime Wells, and Steampunk Wells, and so that was just a one-off, but that got everybody’s juices flowing like, ‘If we were to do that, what would that look like with there being a Council of Wells that could convene?, We thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be completely obnoxious and shameless when I get ahold of it,’ and it is proving to be super obnoxious and ultra-shameless in hopefully the most appealing way.”

He then teases how the audience will be able to differentiate between the many Wells.

  •  “With the Council of Wells, when fashioning these characters, you want to make sure that you can have the most impact in the littlest amount of time. If there’s 20 percent of the comic book bubble left [after telling a Flash story] then you want to fill that [properly] and so you want to find ways to get in there right away with these guys, so I’m doing that.”

The idea sounds pretty funny, and seemingly a natural progression of the Harrison Wells storyline. We’ve gotten many versions of him before, so them teaming up isn’t that surprising and should provide for an entertaining time. The idea of getting multiple versions of a character to team up isn’t very new, with hit animated show Rick and Morty being the most popular one to do so. In that show, Rick is able to travel to different realities that contain other versions of him. All of those versions group up and form the “Council of Ricks”, sounds pretty familiar right? Whether or not they were inspired by that show isn’t clear, but it really does seem like it.

What doe you guys think? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

Source: EW

The Flash airs on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.


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