‘ARROW’ S6 Ep4 “Reversal” Recap/Review

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Diggles time as the Green Arrow continues as the team works to hunt down Black Siren and Oliver and Felicity try to work things out! This week on ‘ARROW’. 

The episode kicks off with Black Siren seducing a man and killing him for an unknown reason. Oliver and Felicity are having a date when she gets news that a body has been dropped in an alley, which they come to realize was the work of Laurel. Felicity then heads home when she is surprised by Alena, her former Helix associate, who announces she needs her help to stop Cayden James, the mystery hacker from last season.

The team tracks down Black Siren after she kills another person, leading to a battle in a parking garage where she escapes. Felicity and Alena then head to a goth club to get a piece of tech they need and while negotiating, Oliver busts in and knocks out all the men, ruining the deal.


Diggle then realizes all of Sirens’ victims are fake identities for some sort of covert operative. Curtis then tracks Laurel to Helix, where Felicity and Alena are trying to stop Cayden James. James then shows up, being no other than Michael Emerson of ‘Lost’ fame. The team busts in and stops Siren and James from hurting Felicity. They then learn that James’s plan is to take down the internet, using the fingerprints from Laurel’s victims, being that they are secret important agents for the internet.

They go to put a stop to the plan and eventually stop James as he is able to escape. They save the internet but that wasn’t James’s plan. His idea was to get Felicity to break down the firewall and leave her cyber fingerprints on them and that his plan is underway. Oliver then receives a call from Slade saying he needs his help.


This episode was a tricky one, it started out strong but when we hit the “save the entire internet” plot point it went a little off the rails.  You always suspend some disbelief when watching these shows but it went one step over the line with this idea. Oliver in this episode was utterly underused, he showed up in the third act because if he hadn’t he would have barely been in the episode. The show is starting to slump with Oliver out of the hood.

That should pick up in the next two episode with the two-part Slade arc that will likely bring Oliver back into the fray. The show really needs Oliver back in the forefront or this season may be in some trouble. 6/10Jackson Hayes

Arrow airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on the CW


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