Marvel’s ‘INHUMANS’ Episode 7: “Havoc in the Hidden Land” Review (SPOILERS) 

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After last week’s pretty exciting episode if Inhumans, it’s fair to say that I was really looking forward to this one. Being that this is the episode before the big finale, you’d figure that this chapter could be the best yet, or at least amp things up a little. Sadly, like many of the previous episodes, it’s a mixture of both good and bad.

The finale starts off strong, with the royal family in pursuit of Declan after Gorgon’s death. Karnak decision to snap Auron’s neck as a massage to Maximus was surprising, and the conflict between Black Bolt and Medusa was a nice touch. The (somewhat) verbal battle between husband and wife really added some nice tension this week. The flashbacks between the two also added another layer of depth to their relationship.

Once again, Maximus is a standout, and Rheon really sells the level of manipulation and intelligence the character holds. The sadness he feels about his family’s absense during his new Terigenesis was one of the most emotional moments the series has had, and only proves further that Maximus  is the best character on the show.

But before we go any further, we have to talk about Triton. Seeing him return was a bit of a surprise, and given that he’s a very prominent Inhuman in the comics, it was also a welcome one. But, if Black Bolt new Triton was alive, why didn’t he ask for his help sooner? Triton was only featured very briefly in the series premiere, so we never really had time to connect with him, making his return pretty underwhelming at the same time.

Bolt also knew about some sort of secret bunker for dire situations, and somehow, did not think to take his family there in the first place? Just as I was beginning to like him a little more, the show once again makes me question why exactly this guy should be in charge.

Seeing the royal family make it back to the moon together was pretty satisfying, and after watching everything they’ve been through on Earth, it felt earned. That being said, things just become somewhat absurd after this, especially the logic of the show’s heroes.

Bolt and Medusa say they will grant Maximus another chance at Terigenesis, as long as he promises to return the throne to them. After this guy hunts you, tries to kill you and the rest of your family, you’re REALLY going to take the risk of letting him get powers? He took the throne without any powers at all to begin with.

The action scenes, again, are still poorly choreographed. Choppy editing and the occasional slow motion shots don’t do anything to help, either. It’s just dissapointing that in a comic book property like this, the fight scenes aren’t anything to look forward to.

And of course, we knew Gorgon would return. The show really took a risk in killing him off last week, but unfortunately, they seem to want to play it safe rather than try anything new.

Guys, I really want to like this show. I do. Overall, this week’s episode proved to be a predictable, underwhelming chaper in the ongoing Inhumans saga.

Rating: 4/10

Written by Danny O’Brien


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