BREAKING: Asher Angel Cast AS Billy Batson In ‘SHAZAM!’

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DC has finally found their Billy Batson. Variety reports that newcomer Asher Angel has joined ‘SHAZAM’ in the lead role.

Asher, who a relatively unknown actor, has joined the DC Film universe as Shazam himself, Billy Batson, the kid version of course. Zachary Levi will play his adult counterpart, and Mark Strong is in talks for the villain role.  Grace Fulton will be play on of his friends in the film.

Casting an unknown could be risky, but also very rewarding. A fresh face could mean a new star can rise out of this, but people will surely question is acting abilities. I think it’s a great choice to get a well known actor for the adult version, and then cast someone pretty new to the industry as the lead.

‘Shazam’ begins filming next February with David F. Sandberg at the helm. The script penned by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke.

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Source: Variety

Shazam! hits theaters April 5, 2019.



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