‘Call of Duty: WW2’ Review


It’s that time of year again, Call of Duty has pumped out another new game, yet this one actually seems to have people excited. I for one have been a skeptic about ‘Call of Duty: WW2’ since hearing of it. I hadn’t bought a Call of Duty in almost five years. No new game seemed to appealing to me, with the brand constantly going  forward past our time. This one was returning to World War II though, how could I miss out on it? I almost did, i have to be honest, the beta left me unconvinced that I needed to get this game. In true peer pressure fashion and knowing games are always different from the beta I decided to take a chance and buy it. The review will be broken into three parts, the three main parts of the game, campaign, zombies, and multiplayer.



Although I haven’t bought a Call of Duty in some time I’ve been fortunate enough to have my brother who also has an Xbox One buy the games, this has allowed me to play what in my opinion has always been the highlight of the franchise, the campaign. Constantly the games have put out terrific single-player narratives that have wowed so many. Just think of the ‘Modern Warfare’ trilogy, Black Ops, World At War, Ghost, and the very first three games, all fantastic stories. As the games have moved to the future and become more of a game mainly bought for the multiplayer, the campaigns have suffered. They have gotten bad and not the kind of story fans had come to expect from the franchise. I understand it though, the single-player experience is a dying breed.

‘Call of Duty: WW2’ is improved from its last few predecessors but it still lacks a strong story that makes us feel involved and invested in the characters. A staple of single-player is being able to connect with the pro-antagonist and supporting characters, feel the emotions they’re experiencing, this game just doesn’t deliver that. Hell the game even makes you feel more hate towards your commanding officer, Sergeant Pierson then the Nazis.

Sledgehammer games did before hand say they didn’t want this campaign to be a “best of World War 2” game where our character was at every major battle in World War 2 and i respect them for that, but at the same time it frustrates me. So much of World War 2 wasn’t just the Americans clearing their way through German controlled Europe. Russia’s battle with Germany is just as important as America, and if we want a main focus on American soldiers I understand that to, just also put them in the places the also were. The battles in the Pacific were just as important to World War 2, especially to Americans due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I would have been nice just to also fight in the Pacific as a different group of characters. Showing us the struggles both sides of the war.

The eleven mission campaign does just fine, and I expect future Call of Duty games to put more effort into the campaigns just as this one did.



As all Call of Duty games now go the same road as ‘World At War’ first did we are given another mode to play and that is Zombies!

Zombies has been a staple in the Call of Duty franchise since its first appearance. Fans of the game love it and it’s always a hit. That’s why every DLC that comes out always features a new map for zombies. The storyline of these maps have grown far more complex than anyone has thought they ever would. This time around is no stranger to that with a somewhat complex easter egg.

As far as overall gameplay goes the two zombie modes actually seem to be pretty easy compared to previous games. For instance on the Finale Reich map I survived to wave 18 alone and with another player we survived to 33, nearly completing the easter egg. The worst part about this map is the constant special zombies that can put you in a bind if you run into one at the wrong time. Other than that I’d say is the armor system that is poor. Feeling as if you get little more protection and increasing in cost anytime it is purchased just puts a damper on things. Just put juggernaut back into the game.


Finally the main attraction for today’s Call of Duty games multiplayer. So far I’ve only experienced two times when the servers were down and it wouldn’t connect me to online. When playing online games it can be quite aggravating, so far, other than War, I haven’t experienced a bad moment. War works better of course when you have a full team in a party, but some of the maps situations are terribly unbalanced, making them easily winnable for one side.

I haven’t encountered a gun that is completely OP and dominating the multiplayer game modes yet either, and with maps in regular rotation being well-balanced I’d say the muliplayer experience has been a success.

Come back for more for when we at @SBArcadeCorner give you an even more in-depth look at the multiplayer and zombie mode in the coming days. Also tweet us what you think of the game, as for me I give it a 7/10.

– Collin Stetzner


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