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Going into this movie, I had no idea what to expect. After seeing the trailers, the only information that I knew about was it had some big names in the cast ranging from Kenneth Branagh to Johnny Depp to Willem Dafoe to Judi Dench to Josh Gad to Daisy Ridley and more, and to state the obvious of the story that brought these people together, a murder on the Orient Express. 

I never read the book, I never the saw the original film make from 1974, but I was pleasantly enjoying it throughout the film. I kept trying to figure out who possibly could it be that was the murderer. When I thought it was a certain character, then some new information comes up and it would change the game over and over until the end. People tend to overhype things when it comes to big casts on big movies. Sometimes, they are right and sometimes, they are wrong. I thought this cast did a fine job of keeping the story moving.

The introduction of all of these characters arriving at the train station at the beginning of the movie, was a really neat thing to see as the music score built up the suspense of how important the character could be to the story. I was excited to see this story take off. The soundtrack really helped keep the story flowing and moving.

hercule poirot

Branagh was really fun, awesome and engaging as Detective Hercule Poirot. At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to what kind of a detective that he is and the way he goes about his business. His mustache is incredible. Poirot is quick and able to think on his feet and goes by a certain balance that helps see things that are out of the ordinary. Poirot is able to develop a connection with the other 11 strangers on board before the murder happens. After the murder happens, Poirot is able to stay in focus in his own way and doesn’t lose his touch with those connections he created throughout the film.

It was surprising to see how Johnny Depp was used in this movie. I think it really helped tell the story. His character gave it a different feel when I was watching this film considering the weight of his roles that he has done in previous movies. I think it was the right move for this film because the story was better developed for all of the other characters. Had it been anyone else in his shoes, I think people would have a different opinion of this film after seeing it.

If there is one character that I enjoyed, it was the performance of Josh Gad as Hector McQueen. Gad is pretty well known for his comedy chops. I had never seen him deliver an emotional performance in any role until this film. So it was interesting to see him reach the depths that he was able to. Daisy Ridley is also a joy to watch in this film. She brings a certain light to the movie. I don’t see Michelle Pfeiffer in movies very often, so it was good to see her. It’s hard to get to every character as it would make this article even longer than it already is, but they all did a nice job building and telling the story.


There is some comedy between the lines and I think it is a crucial component when it comes to telling a murder story, especially taking place on a train. I think it helps to stay on our toes and pay attention to detail because it can go by quick. If it was a dark story without comedy, I would have missed some important information that could have been my guide to who the murderer is. I feel this is an observant type of movie. Read the scene. See the scene. However, you gain your information. Small details stand out in this film. 

This movie was shot beautifully and it is pretty awesome to follow along. I think it helps to tell the character development for each character with hints. It gives you something thinking behind each scene. The set designs and the background came out gorgeous in the film. I enjoyed looking at those details as the story was being told throughout the film.

As I said earlier, I went into this movie with no knowledge of what it was about other than that there was a murder on the train. I am glad I didn’t because I wasn’t really expecting the outcome of who the murderer is. There is something that brings the 12 strangers closer together than you would ever think and it builds up throughout the movie, I didn’t catch it until the end because I was pinpointing my thinking on a certain storyline involving a specific character being the murderer. Sometimes, it is best to go into a film with an open mind because it is nice to be surprised and know films can still do that instead of going into a film that you can predictably tell what is going to happen. Those are never fun.

Grade: 8/10

Lucas Talbot

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ comes out in theaters everywhere, November 10th

A lavish train ride unfolds into a stylish & suspenseful mystery. From the novel by Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express tells of thirteen stranded strangers & one man’s race to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again.


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