‘The Gifted’ S1 EP. 5 ‘boXed in’ Recap/Review

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‘The Gifted’ has started off as well as a T.V show can, and it hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. ‘boXed in’ is the latest installment in the season and leads off exploring the backlash of last episode, but does it deliver? Let’s find out…


This episode deals with the backlash of what happened in the climactic finale of the last episode. Agent Turner is hot on the tails of the recently reunited Polaris and Eclipse, and now he wants the whole mutant underground to go down with them. As Reed returns to the mutant safe house, and he doesn’t get the best welcoming since he worked for Sentinel Services.

This episode was a massive let down for myself for some various reasons. The first one would be about Agent Turner and his storyline. I was ready to absorb what should have been an emotional outcome that would’ve given viewers solidarity as to why he hates mutants. That wasn’t the case, at all. It is totally understandable why he hates them, but the execution of how they treated the July 15th event this episode was horrid. You felt absolutely nothing and it was very vague. My disappointment can be attributed as well to expectations as I expected to get a lot of insight of the July 15th event and more about Agent Turner. These things will probably be explored in the future, as there are still some episodes to go.


My other let down of the episode was the whole package itself. This show has set such a high standard for itself that even a decent episode like this one is a let down. My big problem with this episode is that I just didn’t feel it as a whole and felt that no advancement or big leap was taken. It was generic in a sense, but if the teaser for what’s next to come is to be taken in, a wild ride awaits us.

In the end, this episode is the worst of the season up till now, but it still can’t be classified as dreadful or horrible, it was just decent. This should speak volumes of the overall quality standard this show has held up. –Kenneth Colon

GRADE: 6/10

‘The Gifted’ airs Mondays at 8 ET on FOX.


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