The Flash #34 Review (SPOILERS)

Meena is back in Barry’s life, and it seems like this is good news..or is it. Trusted friend/lover turned traitor? Let’s find out as I breakdown the latest issue of The Flash. 



They are united again. Meena is back from the speed force after seemingly being killed by Godspeed. She immediately helps Barry with his speed problem, after revealing that she thinks that the negative speed force is killing him. Her call to action was quick (no pun intended), and slightly shady. Wally West notices this later on after catching up to her, but both Barry and him are pretty clueless until the end.


Meena has Flash run with the negative speed force to try to learn more about his powers to “help” him. It’s pretty suspect but the writer, Joshua Williamson, does a good job making Meena seem innocent. I see why Barry would fall for her, especially since he had feelings for her at one point. But the nice-Meena doesn’t last long as by the end when Meena traps Barry and Wally with the help of Black Hole.

As soon it happened, I knew she was probably trying to take his new powers. Which means he’ll be free of the negative speed force thank goodness, but that means we are left with a crazy powered villain in Meena (I wonder if she’ll be getting a nickname).


I really like the twist with her getting his problematic powers as it was starting to get a bit annoying. A solid amount of time was spent with him in that state, and although I thought it was well done for the most part, it nearly over stayed its welcome. I’m happy though with the ending because it sets up a new storyline that I’m very interested about.

My main complaint has to do with some of the art and dialogue. Most of the panels look great, but there some that just don’t have that much detail or slightly different. It was a bit inconsistent, and I thought the issue would’ve gained with some improvement. Some of the dialogue was a bit too on the nose, specifically with Wally being suspicious of Meena and her revealing that she isn’t the same Meena we knew from before.

In Conclusion:

This issue does a lot to fix some of my problems with the negative speed Barry problem, and I’m really happy it did. Although it still has a few issues, I think it still put the story on the right track. The art is a bit inconsistent at times, and some of the running look weird. Overall, I think this was a solid entry in the series and it sets up a new storyline that will sure shake Barry to his core.

Rating: 8.5/10

– Marcos Melendez


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