‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep5“Girls Night Out” Recap/Review

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Another week, another Flash. Season 4 continues with episode 5 this week and it’s quite an episode. This season has been downhill for me but I have been hoping for a change. Was this episode what the show needed? I let you know here…



It’s a ladies/guys night out in this episode, with Iris, Cecile, Caitlin, and Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards, who guest stars as the legend her herself Felicity. With the whole male cast off on their own adventure, with a bachelor party. Lots of havoc ensues of course, and it makes for another lighthearted episode.

The side characters are front and center while Barry is very, very drunk after drinking Cisco concoction. The women’s side of the night is what is focused on here, and it includes a continuation of Caitlin’s story revealed at the end of the season premiere. With that, we are introduced to who has been looking for Caitlin since she stopped working at the bar.



Katee Sackhoff guest stars in this episode as the villain Amunet, and she does a pretty good pulling off an accent. She is trying to use a metahuman to sell drugs (tears be used to make people addicted). It was kind of creative to have a metahuman be the literal supplier for a drug but it was pretty ridiculous. The execution could’ve been better, I don’t think they did a great job illustrating the scope off her plan. It felt rushed and a bit cheap, things I think the rest of the episode suffers from.

The shining part of the episode is Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. She and the writers did a good job in making interested in her split personality. Frost also doesn’t have the terribly cheesy dialogue from episodes back so that’s a major plus.


The team are up against Amunet in the last battle against the villain, and they are able to defeat her. Caitlin Snow channels her inner Frost and it works out pretty well, I think her honing her powers more and more will a very good thing for the team. Although the split personality can be a bit ridiculous at times, I think this episode did it the best so far. At the very end we get another tease of the Thinker and his floating chair as he captures the meta who has drug tears(?). His purpose doesn’t seem very useful but it seems like we’ll see more of that character soon.

At the end of the episode, I reached to the conclusion that this season of The Flash is simply going to be way different and exponentially more CWish. Although it has some fun moments, most of the time it’s trying to hard to be funny and entertaining instead of focusing on the story. It’s the same complaint I have had with the rest of the episodes, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Caitlin Snow shines in this episode and her story grew a lot more interesting than before. Overall, the show isn’t taking it self as serious as I think the show should be, and that’s saying something because I was all for fun episodes of The Flash at the beginning of the season.

Rating: 5.8/10 

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.


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