‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Failed in Early Cuts Before Settling on Theatrical Version

Those who have seen Thor: Ragnarok can definitely agree that its comedy is one of the film’s many outstanding highlights. Many films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe highlight this genre and one can often see divisive results within audiences. This is unavoidable considering that comedy is arguably the most divisive genre in story telling. Audiences do not always react the same to the MCU because the films mostly have individual senses of humor. With Ragnarok’s opening week being a complete success, it is fair to assume that audiences reacted very well to director Taika Waititi’s vision. However, the director revealed that this could not have been the case during a recent interview with CBR. 


The post-production phase can more than often make or break a film. There have been many notorious cases of directors losing almost all creative control in the editing room. This is especially the case with comicbook films that carry a lot pressure to succeed. Waititi elaborated on what his process was like trying to cut the film down to the perfect length.

It was very tricky. We spent a lot of time in post-production, actually, figuring that out. It’s a very hard thing to strike that balance throughout two hours and 30 minutes, however many minutes this thing is, for that much time that you’re engaging in a film.

Usually films that play with a lot of comedy end up losing many takes in the editing room. This is not necessarily a bad thing for these takes could consist of different improvisation and jokes that could be left out for the best. This of course was the case for Ragnarok. Waititi explained that trying to find a balance between the right comedy and story is what made his time in post so tricky.

And sometimes it would be funny in the beginning of the film and then not funny at all for the rest of the film. Or sometimes it was funny in the wrong places and in the end, we had to just keep testing jokes and testing parts of the film sometimes.

Waititi then went on to be brutally honest about the early cuts for the film:

So we failed miserably and had a funny first 10 minutes and then a super-boring rest of the movie. But that’s luckily why you have such a long time in post-production, because you can test all these things out and get the very best film that you can.

Thankfully, in the end Ragnarok had a terrific balance between story and Waititi’s sense of humor. One can still wonder what possible scenes got cut from the final product. Waititi’s words bring confidence in believing that nothing extremely important to the narrative got left out. That leaves for a lot of extra takes that mainly focus on humor. What a joy that would be to see within deleted scenes when the film hits home release.

In the meanwhile, get up and go see Thor: Ragnarok in theaters today!

Source: CBR

Stay tuned for more updates on the MCU leading up to the release of Black Panther early next year! – Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101 on twitter) 

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