Legends of Tomorrow S3Ep5 ‘Return of the Mack’ Recap/Review

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This week, the Legends are reunited with Rip Hunter and go vampire hunting. Following last week’s debacle, the team are back at it again. While Jax and Ray work diligently to figure out how to separate Firestorm, the effects are messing with Jax’s short term memory, making it more difficult to hide from Professor Stein.

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The great great grandfather of Professor Stein, described as eccentric, kidnaps Nate and tires to steal his blood in order to bring his ‘master’ back to life. Once Nate describes the place, Rip, as he tends to do, figures out exactly where he is. Mick takes to the whole vampire hunting thing very well. They go to a party and meet the ancestor of Professor Stein and meet a mystic who speaks with the dead.

Meanwhile, Ray and Jax are attempting to figure out just who the mysterious vampire is. They run finger prints and they belong to Oliver Queen?

Time to bring in Team Arrow. One of the most amazing things that comes along with all the shows within the Arrowverse is the crossovers between shows. ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ feature twists and turns all within a shared universe. Like a mini-MCU.

Jax and Ray get a hold of Mister Terrific from ‘Arrow’ and runs a report that reveals that the watch belongs to Damien Dahrk? The vampire is no longer the problem. The cult has been stealing men and their blood to try and resurrect Damien.

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Of course, as he was the one who murdered his sister, Sara has a big issue with Damien coming back to life. Rip is solely focused on Mallus, this ancient creature that has been haunting the timeline and that Rip has been chasing for centuries. This fact hinders his ability to see why Sara is so upset about the possibility to Damien coming back to life.

Professor Stein discovers Jax and Ray’s plan and is understandably upset. But he has no time to mourn the potential loss of Firestorm as Rip enacts a plan to lock the team on the ship to go after Mallus.

Zari is kind of an idiot. She just gives away the totem that binds her to Amara to the mystic. This was her plan all along. She uses her weird wind powers to the mystic is obviously a psychopath, possess by Mallus. Mallus uses the Blood Moon to bring Damien Dahrk back to life. This is no good at all.

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The Legends arrive to kick some ass and Zari takes back the totem. Damien escapes. Amara and Zari bond over their talismans and Rip pouts about letting Mallus get away. Sara chews him out and reveals that she does not trust him. Sara calls the Time Bureau and Rip get detained and suspended from active duty. Agent Sharpe is heartbroken and calls the Legends a bunch of idiots.

Mallus is going to be one hell of a force to deal with. The future is terrifying.

With Victor Garber leaving the show to begin his return to the Broadway show, it looks as if the first seeds are being sown for a new Firestorm. We still have no idea as to what brings Constantine into the fold, but Zari is STILL here and is continuously changing the game. This season continues on the trend started in season 1 and is full of twists and turns and a whole lot of action.

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Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Nate thinks he has found a pattern to the anachronisms; the Legends hunt a time-traveling vampire in London; Amaya tries to connect with Zari; Stein is not pleased when he discovers what Ray and Jax are up to.


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