It seems that Ridley Scott is back with new news on the ‘Alien’ franchise and it might take a weird direction. In a round table discussion with the Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott said it might be time to retire the Xenomporh which helped make the ‘Alien’ franchise lift.

This seems to be a weird direction to retire the creature that made the universe popular. Personally the Xenomporh was never the problem it was just the use of it and that if Ridley wants to go more into AI why not make another universe and let a younger director take over the franchise like he did with Blade Runner and Denis Villeneuve. What do you think of the Xenomporhs being retired from the ‘Alien’ franshise? Do you think Ridley Scott should move on and let someone else take control of the ‘Alien’ ship? Tweet us @superbromovies on Twitter with your thoughts. – Johnathan Brin

Source: THR


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