‘ARROW’ S5 Ep6 “Deathstroke Returns” Review – VIGILANTE’S IDENTITY REVEALED

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Slade asks Oliver to help with finding his son. Vigilante reappears and puts Team Arrow to the test. 

Today’s review is going to be a quick one, last week was a bit of a dud of an episode. This week made up for that like gangbusters. The Slade and Oliver team-up was fantastic and finally gave Oliver something to do rather than being placed on the backburner while Diggle is the Green Arrow.

This episode also happens to reveal the identity of Vigilante. It’s none other than, Vincent? Remember Dinah’s partner, Vincent, that was shot in the head in her one flashback scene last season? Yeah, me either but that’s who it is and we’re stuck with it. That was a bit of a letdown after all of the hype last season with Vigilante being a sort of foil to Oliver, ala Daredevil and Punisher, but instead, we get a character we aren’t very familiar with.


That was the major con of this episode but other than that it was fantastic. There is a scene, you probably know which scene I’m talking about, where Deathstroke slaughters a group of Jackals while looking for his son and it was perfection. A long one-shot fight where Slade takes down guys one by one with his sword and a minigun. Speaking of Daredevil, it was something that could’ve been ripped right out of a Marvel Netflix show but it was on the CW of all places.

In summary, this episode other than the Vigilante reveal was spectacular. It also gave us a deep look at Dinah, making her much more compelling to watch. Also having Manu Bennett back is always worth all the brownie points. I’m also very excited for next week to see Slade and his son Joey go at it after a great tease at the end. ‘Deathstroke Returns’ gets a 9/10Jackson Hayes

Arrow airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on the CW


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