Recently a standee for Marvel’s upcoming film Black Panther was spotted in a U.S. movie theater. The standee gives us a great look at the whole cast and a peek at T’Challa’s new suit.


First seen in the latest trailer the new Black Panther suit appears somewhat similar to the previous model, except for the presence of purple tracing and the eyes are visible through the helmet.

As more Black Panther promotional material is dropped you can be sure we at SuperBroMovies will be the first to let you know! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Twitter


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  1. The reason black panther suit is purple is because it absorbs all energy right at least that’s what shuri said in the trailer. if his suit can absorb all energy the isn’t black panther just a little OP not saying its bad I love it to be honest but it’s just that he takes te heart shaped herb now he has enhanced…everything including all energy around him he could probably wield an infinity stone…oh wait HE CAN 😆😆😆


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