Frank Grillo Will Return As CROSSBONES In ‘AVENGERS 4’

After Crossbones’ sudden death in Captain America: Civil War, fans were left a little disappointed that the character would not be seen in future installments. However, we’ve been receiving some hints from Frank Grillo that the character could return. This has now been confirmed by Discussing Film.

Discussing Film revealed that Frank Grillo will return as Brock Rumlow in Avengers 4. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering Grillo has a multi picture contract with Marvel, and he has stated previously that he wants to appear as the character again. Robert Downey Jr. also posted a picture on Instagram with Grillo leading many to believe he was on set of Avengers 4. 

It is unclear what role Crossbones will play in the movie. My best guess is that he will appear in a flashback or alternate timeline scene. We’ve been getting hints of a scene like this from some recent set photos. Hopefully he returns with that badass suit from Captain America: Civil War.


Source – Discussing Film

Caleb Sadd

Avengers 4 releases in theaters on May 3, 2019

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