‘IRON FIST’ Season 2 Begins Production in December

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Although 2017 is almost over, it has been announced that the second season of ‘Iron Fist’ will begin filming before the end of the year. With a date of December 6th, 2017, ‘Iron Fist’ will start production just a mere 3 months after Finn Jones began training for his reprisal of Danny Rand.

The first season wasn’t met with the greatest reviews as did many of the other individual Defender’s shows, but it still was able to lock in a second season on the streaming platform, Netflix. This time around, a new showrunner will be taking over, giving the show another chance essentially to wow the fans. Fans seemed to like Danny much more in the ‘Defenders’ series so hopefully the character stays along that route for his solo second season.

There’s still no set date, or even year for when we’ll get Iron Fist back for his show but we can expect to see him in the second season of ‘Luke Cage‘ in 2018. Be sure to check out the first season of ‘Iron Fist’ on Netflix if you haven’t already, as well as the rest of the Defenders!

– JB Baker

Source – Screen Rant


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