Marvel’s INHUMANS “…And Finally: Black Bolt” Review (SPOILERS) 

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Well, this is it. The eighth and final episode of Marvel’s Inhumans has arrived. After weeks of inconsistent episodes, I’m left wondering if the finale can change anything at all. Unfortunately, even in what may be the series’ final episode, I still find myself wishing that this property has been adapted into a full length MCU film.

The episode starts off strong, with Medusa returning to Earth, Gorgon being revived, and Black Bolt aiding Triton in stopping Maximus. Like previous episodes, this one makes use of flashbacks in order to flesh out the strained relationship between Black Bolt and his evil brother, and to good effect.

Gorgon’s return was something I was torn on. Yes, he’s a crucial Inhumans character, but it was a bold move killing him off a few episodes ago. While I’m not against bringing him back, but it’s all about execution. His rage filled mental state just seems unnecessary, but it does add some nice emotional weight to his and Karnak’s relationship.

But, if you’re going to bring him back, why not have him make a return in a crowd-pleasing “save the day” fashion? And why did they even bother killing him at all if they planned on bringing him back?

Once again, Iwan Rheon still delivers the best performance out of everyone in the series. He delivers Maximus’ monologues with 100% confidence, and manages to breeze through the script’s most absurd lines with ease.

Medusa’s mission on Earth was the least interesting aspect of this episode. Sure, it was nice to see her scientist friend again, but this storyline just seemed to drag the show down, as I found myself much more interested in what Black Bolt and the other Inhumans are up to on the moon.

Though Triton’s return came out of nowhere, his portion of screen time did make for some badass action scenes. Altough he was left out of the majority of the show’s episodes (for whatever reason), his scenes made me wish that he had returned sooner.

Also, Auran won’t kill Medusa because she promised not to? I just find this so bizzare, because Maximus still keeps her around after this. A guy as evil as he is won’t kill her for that?

Black Bolt’s decision to stay and fight Maximus was a well executed one, and you can really feel how hard that decision is for him once Medusa leaves. I do have to commend Anson Mount on his performance here. It’s difficult to convey emotion without any words, but Mount manages to do so.

And, we finally get to see Black Bolt utilize his powers to seal Maximus away for good. Though I wish it had been used a little more in the scene itself, seeing Bolt use his powers was cool, but at the same time, I wouldn’t say it was worth the eight episode wait.

Overall, the finale did have it’s moments, but it all felt very underwhelming. If the series somehow does manage to be picked up for a second season, I sadly just can’t see myself getting excited for it.

Rating: 6/10




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