‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Ultimate Edition Review “Days Before Justice League”

Leading up to this Thursday when ‘Justice League‘ will be released, we at SuperBroMovies reviewing have the pleasure of reviewing the four previous films in the DCEU for you. Yesterday we gave you the ‘Man of Steel’ Review and today i have the pleasure of bringing you the ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Ultimate Edition, the way Zaddy intended it to be. This review excites me for a few reasons, this movie was big, and when I say big I mean gigantic. The film was the first time we would ever see Batman and Superman on-screen together, finally a name other than Bob Kane would appear as the creator of Batman, Bill Finger for the first time ever was given credit for creating Batman, and the promise of Batman fighting Superman that we all dreamed about since it was first announced at comic con was finally here.

The film begins with a short montage of the tragic death of Martha and Thomas Wayne, the parents of Bruce Wayne, the man who would go on to become The Batman. Few fans, including myself, wanted this in the film, but it was necessary to put in because there are still casual fans that need to know it.13525439_149189042155194_1912058630_n

In amazing opening scene we see Bruce Wayne working his way through Metropolis as Superman battles General Zod. The sheer intensity of the scene was sure to promise a great film. With emotional heartbreak from a man being trapper under a beam, to seeing a little girl point to where her mom was after Bruce saves her, all this from the destruction of Zod and Superman’s fight in a Wayne building, builds the hatred Bruce Wayne forms for the Superman. This honestly could be the strongest opening to any film I’ve ever seen, all this is propelled by the music of Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL.

After this the movie introduces kryptonite and the driving force for the “trail of Superman” where Lois Lane, alongside a fan favorite character that was through into the film only to be killed off in minutes, Jimmy Olsen. Lois Lane interviews a general running a revolution only for the mercenaries hired to protect him to turn on his men and stage it to look as though Superman killed the men. Superman is seen saving Lois only adding fuel to the fire that he murdered the men. We are also introduced to Lex Luthor and his amazing theme after this. Luthor gains access to General Zod’s body and ship from a senator. Lex was not well received by fans at all for his weird mannerisms and wacky attitude. I for one thoroughly enjoyed his performance and hope to see him return soon to the role, considering how menacing he felt, I believe we’re all lucky to have him portraying Lex Luthor. We see the torturer this Batman provides and a charismatic Bruce Wayne. Batman finds little information compared to Bruce who hacks a Russian mans phone and infiltrates Lex Luthors computer system only for his device to be stolen by Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. This set piece also includes our first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.    The first act of the story is really built on us being shown how the world can grow to hate Superman or love him. He is a huge figure of controversy. Should he be here saving us or not? What is his purpose on this planet? Imagine if this was you, how would it make you feel? This takes a massive toll on Clark, making him debate his own need to save others, he does it begrudgingly, because he knows it’s the right thing to do, you can see that exact expression in this scene.Superman-Day-of-the-Dead-BvS

It also shows us a new Batman, a more experienced, and vengeful one who brands those he takes down, one who still cares about his city as he digs up details about a something big going down soon. We see a new Bruce Wayne to, in all previous movies he’s been handsome and charming but Ben Affleck just seems to bring this to a whole new level providing a great new Bruce Wayne.As we being the second act it brings a more of an investigative side out of everyone. Lois searches for answers about a mysterious bullet used by the mercenaries. Clark dives deeper into the story of the Gotham Bat even though it angers his boss Perry White, he is especially driven after the man seen with the brand is murdered in prison. Bruce finally catches up with the woman who stole his device from Lex’s house. She tells him she was just searching for her picture and that she was returned it to him, and that it is placed in his glove compartment. When he plugs the devise in to decode the security system so he can access what is on there he falls asleep.7faf9df831d835b56c67ccf8624f39a9f4491c54dcc7485e9b2ba0dfd6be8a47

Bruce’s nightmare, what cans be said about it that hasn’t already been said. Such an amazing scene, we get our first glimpse as Batman fighting in the DCEU and its spectacular. After this we get our first look at The Flash also. The second act shows the first time Batman and Superman meet in costume after Superman has had enough of Batman terrorizing Gotham.

We also get more sad Superman after the US Capital Building is destroyed when he goes to talk to the council discussing him asks him to, the world turns even further from Superman, most blaming him for it.

The second act is where many had problems with the theatrical version, the pacing and lack of information left out was a huge hit to the film, additional scenes showing Clark do some investigative journalism and saving those from the US Capital greatly improved on the character. With more action provided by Batman the second act doesn’t suffer from any dragging points keeping the movie moving alone greatly. batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-slice-05-600x200

The third act we begin to see Luthor’s wild plan unfold as he forces Superman to go fight Batman. The film has its shortcomings and this is certainty one of them, just like Zemo’s in ‘Captain America Civil War’  the plan is just outrageous and relied heavily on things outside of his control to work out.

Finally the fight we’ve all been waiting for occurs, I know the common complaints here are “Why didn’t Batman just listen to him?” “It was short.” “Martha!” It’s not hard to have counter-arguments to these, well number one, Batman was bot going to listen to a man he had pure hatred for, that was proven early only that this was a more savage Batman. As for it being to short, I somewhat agree it could have been longer, but that isn’t what the film was going for, it was all leading up to forming the bond between the two so they could do the Justice League next, now I’m not for this, but I’m not complaining either the fight was fine in my opinion. Concerning “Martha!” I understand the criticism because it took me out of the intensity of the fight too and gave it an unfulfilling ending, but when you complain about it having such an impact on Batman you really don’t understand the character.


Concerning the fight with Doomsday by far there was one outstanding feature, Wonder Woman, she absolutely stole the show and was amazing. Obviously Batman wasn’t going to do much against the beast, but he had some standout parts as well. When he was flying away from the heat vision of Doomsday and the recreated image from The Dark Knight Returns. For Superman the highlights of the fight for him how much he showed he was willing to sacrifice for this world, risking his life by holding Doomsday when the nuke was shot at them and in the end to kill the beast with Batman’s kryptonite spear.

The conclusion third act brings us to where we are today, Superman is gone and Bruce has promised Diana he will find the others like him in order to save the world, to do it for Superman. In a visually stunning movie provided by Zack Snyder, Batman V Sadman the ultimate edition provided one the best superhero films we’ve ever had, with one of the greatest superhero movie scores of all time. It has its flaws and I’ve mentioned them, the sad superman, the pacing of the theatrical version, the promise of the film being about the fight of the two heroes but in the end being more of a just a world builder, and god don’t get me started on Lois Lane, I can’t be the only one that finds her unbearable right? Overall I find the movie great and only furthered my love of DC, I can say I’m anxiously awaiting this Thursday to see the Justice League finally on the big screen. This movie in my opinion earns a 9/10, I have enjoyed every re-watch of the film so far and I’m sure I will always continue to love this film.

Let us know your thoughts on the film and how excited you are for ‘Justice League’ by tweeting us at @SuperBroMovies. Make sure you check out our review of ‘Man of Steel’  and come back tomorrow for our review of the academy award-winning film ‘Suicide Squad’.

– Collin Stetzner


One thought on “‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Ultimate Edition Review “Days Before Justice League”

  1. “Batman V Sadman” 🙂

    I’m glad you reviewed the UE, very good review again! Would the movie be better received by the people if this UE was in cinemas instead of the TE? We would never know, but for me this is with MoS and CA2 the top3 comic book movies.


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