Paul Bettany Talks ‘INFINITY WAR’ Trailer; Describes It As “Amazing”

During the Marvel panel at Rhode Island Comic Con, actors Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan commented on the Infinity War trailer that fans have been waiting anxiously for.  Both actors did not reveal much, but they tease that this movie will be “epic” from start to finish.

new boi

When asked where the trailer was, Bettany described it as “badass” and “amazing” going on to say,

“It’ll be out, everyone will love it.”

Sebastian Stan then went on to explain that Infinity War will be different from previous Marvel films in that it will be action-packed from start to finish, as opposed to building up to an epic third act.  With Infinity War being arguably the most anticipated movie of all time, it is understandable that the studio is being very careful about releasing the trailer or revealing too much information.  Fans will most likely not find out too much more about the trailer until its release.


Andrew Myer

Source- Adventure in Poor Taste



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