George Miller Sues Warner Bros. Over Lost Earnings For ‘MAD MAX: FURY ROAD’

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Mad Max: Fury Road was a critical and financial success during its theatrical run in 2015, earning $378 million worldwide and winning six Academy Awards. However, not all is positive as the film also went over its intended budget of $150 million. The film’s director, George Miller, is now suing Warner Bros. for intentionally increasing the total budget to $200 million. This is because the studio had promised Miller’s production company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell, a $7 million bonus if the film remained within its intended budget. Miller believes that the studio increased the budget just so that it would not have to distribute the bonus to his company.


Kennedy Miller Mitchell brought its case to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in September with the allegation that Warner Bros. “made a series of decisions” that purposely inflated the film’s budget to the $200 million estimate. Miller states that had Warner Bros. not made those decisions, the film would meet its budget and his studio would gain the $7 million bonus. Also, he says that his company wrongly agreed to a deal with RatPac Entertainment for an eighth of the budget.

In response, Warner Bros. issued a statement saying that they “disagree and will vigorously defend” against the suit. Before Fury Road‘s release, it went through a troubled production, including delayed release dates and the re-casting of Max himself. It is likely that the decisions made by executives at Warner Bros. contributed to the rough development process. The challenge that Kennedy Miller Mitchell must now face is that it needs proof that Warner Bros. indeed increased the budget solely to prevent the distribution of the bonus. It currently remains to be seen what will develop out of Miller’s lawsuit.

Mark Tan

Source: Screen Rant


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