‘JOHN WICK’ Screenwriter Derek Kolstad Set To Develop ‘HITMAN’ Series For Hulu

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A television series based on IO Interactive’s Hitman franchise is now set for development with Fox 21 and Hulu. In addition, John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad is set to write the script for the show’s pilot. Kolstad will also serve as one of the show’s executive producers, alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon. Fox 21 intends this show to be one of the flagship series for Hulu.


Since Hitman: Codename 47 was released back in 2000, the franchise centering on the mysterious Agent 47 has sold over 25 million copies over a span of eight games. Furthermore, IO Interactive currently has two more Hitman games in development. Within that same timeframe, there have been two film adaptations of the series – 2007’s Hitman and 2015’s Hitman: Agent 47 – both of which were distributed by Fox. Fox’s history with the franchise puts them in the logical position to produce this series.

The executives at Fox 21 to produce the series will be Bert Salke, Jane Francis, Gloria Fan and Kira Innes. On Hulu’s side, Jordan Helman is set to be another of the show’s executives. Given that the existing Hitman films have taken liberties with the source material,  both Kolstad and the producers intend to utilize more of the mythology of the games.

Mark Tan

Source: Deadline


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