‘The Gifted’ S1 EP. 6 ‘got your siX’ Recap/Review

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This episode of ‘The Gifted’ serves as a public service announcement and reminder as to why it’s not only one of the best comic book T.V shows out there, but one of the best shows in general. Everything intertwined in a sense, bringing one of the strongest episodes to date.

The family dynamic between the Struckers is one of my favorite things about the show, as you actually care for them and what’s happening. This week we go deeper into the father/ son relationship Reed has with Andy, and it’s executed really well. As they work together with Eclipse in what was a great action set piece again.

The show really succeeds in building characters you actually care about, and that makes it that much more compelling. Lorna and Eclipse are prime examples of this, as their relationship is not toxic or detrimental, it only adds more interesting depth to them and the show. Another aspect that made the episode great was the usage of powers and how they were executed.

I feel I say this every review but the production value on the show is just mind blowing, the effects are genuinely great. If that aspect of it doesn’t work, the show fails on high levels, but that isn’t the case. There is only one gripe I have with the show, and it involves a certain plot angle.


The gripe I have involves the whole Blink/ John subplot as it really isn’t interesting or intriguing. I feel that for now, it has no purpose, and I hope that changes because their could be serious potential for it. Scenes where this plot point shows up is when I typically look at twitter or any other thing that take my eyes away from the screen.

In the end, this is a great bounce back from the last episode and is up there with the first two in regards to being the best of the series. Intriguing characters, a great continuous plot, and amazing effects/production value make this one a standout. –Kenneth Colon

GRADE: 9/10

‘The Gifted’ airs Mondays at 8 ET on FOX.



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