Bruce Willis Battles James McAvoy’s The Beast In New ‘GLASS’ Set Video

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Recently new video from the set of M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming thriller Glass has surfaced online, giving us a teaser of the fight between Bruce Willis’ character David Dunn and James McAvoy’s The Beast. The super powered individuals influenced by Samuel L. Jackson’s villainous ‘Mr. Glass’ will square off over a series of escalating encounters.

Glass will serve as the final film in Shyamalan’s trilogy uniting the events of Unbreakable and Split. So to get your first look at the leaked video scroll down below.

The video appears to show Willis in the unmistakable rain coat face off against a shirtless McAvoy. While the two seem to be at even strengths the fight is eventually interrupted by a mystery character running into the side of the truck.

Are you excited to see Willis and McAvoy return to fight it out in Glass? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: best of mcavoy


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