‘SUPERGIRL’ Hints at Being Set In ‘SMALLVILLE’ Universe

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When Tyler Hoechlin appeared as Superman on the CW show ‘Supergirl’, many fans put to bed the possibility that the show was set in the same universe as the hit Superman based TV show, ‘Smallville’. The latest episode, “Midvale”, dropped a pretty big reference to ‘Smallville’, but the context of it is what may indicate that ‘Supergirl’ is set in the same universe.

The episode is mostly a flashback, as Kara heads to her childhood home with Alex. The reference comes when they encounter a tech problem, as they are trying to solve the murder of a classmate. Kara mentions that they should see Chloe, a friend of Clark’s, and then goes on to mention the “Wall of weird”. Now, this could be a simple nod to “Smallville”, but what if it isn’t? It was very specific, but not only that, the CW is the network which is airing the show now, the same network that aired “Smallville”. This certainly is all a hint at this point, as we can’t be exactly sure if they’re set in the same universe, but it’s a pretty big hint at that. It coming from a flashback could also indicate at the timeline of everything, and how it could fit together. What do you think of the reference? Are they in the same universe or not? Let us know at @SuperBroMovies. –




1 comments on “‘SUPERGIRL’ Hints at Being Set In ‘SMALLVILLE’ Universe”

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